A Few Recent Reviews

I’ve been neglectful about posting reviews as they come out for the past few months.  So here are some.  If you are interested in hearing the music, just head over to the main Silber site or the Silber Bandcamp or Spotify.  It means a lot to me that twenty some years in that people still care a little about what I’m doing.

So rarely does an instrumental album come along that is so good that I, too, am stunned into silence.
But Treyverb (known to most as Trey McManus) did just that with his debut, A Year Without Words. In fact, I was so drawn into the album, that I didn’t even notice it was an instrumental record until three-quarters of the way through.
It opens with “Jesus Overdrive,” a track that could be described as a punchy acoustic sound if it weren’t for the introspective ambient hum. The multi-layered song sinks into an electric haze at points, which mixes surprisingly well with the simple, twangy keys.
You swim smoothly into “Twin Velvet” next. It almost sounds like a variation of “Jesus Overdrive,” and maybe that’s the point. This second song, however, features more of the distorted and echoey electric guitar, with the bass lines taking on a steadying, driving role. Simple and soothing, “Twin Velvet” is also one of the most melodic tracks on the four-song album.
Next up is “Opus 72.” It moves slowly, with echoey punches taking you along for a wavy ride. Strangely serene, the song layers on forceful strings that fade into the distance before a sure electric riff takes over and dives into the ether.
Finally, we have “Sunset Stripe,” which also opens with quiet keys that echo and deepen into an electric monologue. As if carrying you into a sunset, the song deepens and blossoms with an electric guitar, and sparing drums. It’s the perfect end to a beautiful album.
~ Olivia D’Orazio, Raz Mataz Magazine

We meant to mention this a little while back when we had the pleasure of casting an ear over the latest Yellow6 salvo, this one being part of the recent summer selection from Silber records. A quite gorgeously mellowing thing, this is Treyverb who are currently to be found sporting an EP by the name ‘a year without words’ from which ‘Jesus Overdrive’ has been causing much adoring swooning around the gaff not least for the fact that it comes sighed in the kind of crystalline classicism that initially had us recalling a reflective Vini Reilly / Durutti Column yet which the further you dig, the seductive tender spray of the riffing sunburns hints of something steeled in the captivating poise you’d more likely encounter on a bruising beauty honed by the Church. Equally alluring is ‘twin velvet’ with its serenely seafaring palette navigating the kind of reclining drifting yearn whose lazy eyed lilt and appreciation of space, pause and poise delicately shimmers to reveal echoes of a contemplative Smiths in situ Marr.
~ The Sunday Experience

Nighttime Tides is the new album from Electric Bird Noise, on innovative indie label Silber Records. Consisting of a single piece of music spanning nearly 33 minutes, Nighttime Tides is an ambient soundscape meant to evoke visions of the ocean. With flowing guitar drones, diverse textures and implied melodies, the piece exudes complexity, while retaining a simple listening experience. Like the sea, the music washes over you effortlessly, yet hints at a deeper artistic level that can only be enjoyed through active mental decomposition of the sounds on offer.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Five songs in five minutes.
From Silber’s diverse conceptual series.
Ambience, violins, found sound, poetry.
Musical theatre, distortion, echo chambers.
Like five truncated album intros.
~ Stuart Bruce, Chain DLK

The US experimental-music creator Chvad SB was introduced a couple of years ago.
His latest release Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 (available on bandcamp), although only a one track single is best heard when you have plenty of time to wrap yourself in the contusions as it lasts for over seventy three minutes.
Created by using feedback loops made, not by computer or human input, rather by a modular synthesiser.  Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 was a concept first considered back in 2014 and took four months to complete the recording. Despite being randomly generated loops the track has a hauntingly hypnotic organic sound.
~ Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands

Despite album artwork that seems to channel Heath Robinson, or Henrique Alvim Corrêa’s HG Wells illustrations, sonically this experimental album is firmly routed in the 1950′s, citing the 1956 soundtrack to “Forbidden Planet” as an influence and sounding very akin to early BBC Radiophonic Workshop pieces.
The single 73-minute piece is programmed, in the sense that it is generated by a series of rules and loops rather than in the more common sense of programming a synthesizer. It’s difficult to spot these patterns though, and the ‘lead’ element strongly sounds like a human being noodling experimentally on an old analogue synth in a freeform jazz style. Despite apparently being entirely generated by patterns, recognisable musical patterns are difficult to spot in the output, to the extent that I’m not completely convinced that it was algorithmically generated; I could easily believe that somebody performed this live, but that’s not to its detriment. The progression throughout is very subtle and slight, and again it feels more organic than mathematical.
There’s an accompanying video “response”, which encompasses the whole work and which may or may not be available online (it’s unclear whether this will be made public). While the audio may have strong roots in the 1950′s, the video belongs in the 1980′s- cheesy kaleidoscope effects, strobing video feedback loops, plasma balls and Amiga-generated graphics combine to create a visual that reacts to, but fails to compliment, the audio. The video element is expendable.
The album however is a really listenable, extremely retro-facing experimental work and a marvellous way to chill out.
~ Stuart Bruce, Chain DLK

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Song Obsession – Hozier – Take Me To Church

So when I did the poll about what to do here in the blog, current song obsessions got a lot of clicks.  This song I first heard on pop radio working Paint Night in Fuquay-Varina.  It stood out in both style & strength.  Unfortunately when I listened to some of Hozier’s other songs I was really disappointed; but I’ve yet to get one song right, so who am I to say anything? Anyway, still get the song stuck in my head for a couple days a couple years later & that’s pretty impressive to me.

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The Nature of Things

Hey everybody, hope you are well.  So the poll I posted recently had a few people take part & I was surprised that the number one answer for what people would like to see on the blog was daily tedium about running the label & making art/music.  So here’s today’s stuff.

This past weekend I had a great Saturday afternoon with two Silber-ish visitors, Shane DeLeon of Miss Massive Snowflake & Ben Link Collins.  Hung out & wandered around downtown Sanford & watched my daughter run around the house.  Shane’s on tour supporting his new album which you can find pretty much anywhere online if you look.  Ben was on his way back to Alabama from a camping trip on the outer banks of NC looking at lighthouses for some future art project.  A couple months ago Ben mentioned he was interested in doing some work at Silber again because he was letting his label drift out of existence.  I asked him Saturday about taking on the upcoming 20 year anniversary Remora rarities collection & he agreed to do it.  Now I just need to work on getting him the files he needs.

I have an upcoming Remora show on August 31 that I am planning to do something unique for.  My first plan for it involved collaborating with my friend Dominic in Pittsburgh using his 3D printer, but it ended up not working out.  But I do have a back-up plan for the music (& another back-up if the first back-up doesn’t work), so hopefully that will come to fruition sooner than later.

I got an inexpensive hurdy gurdy & it sounds somewhere between a third grader playing a violin & a cat screaming.  A much bigger learning curve than anticipated on it.

I was cleaning the Silber room today & threw away a bunch of demos from bands from 2005-2009 that I had never got around to listening to.  I feel kind of bad about it, but at least the room is 1/3 presentable for house guests.

I’ve been talking to Jim Baptizer & we’re planning on doing a split release that he’s going to put out with my half being Small Life Form.  It’s kinda funny that at this point SLF has probably played as many shows as Remora in the past 8 years, but the recorded output has been so sparse.  There are plans to rectify that as there are a lot more ideas almost to fruition in the SLF wheelhouse than in the Remora one at the moment.  But we’ll see how much time I find to work on things.  It’s been hard lately to balance life & creativity & that is frustrating, but I do feel like things are getting more balanced.

I got out the emails today to 2800 reviewers, bloggers, djs about the three new releases.  Next up is to post about them in Facebook groups & such & just hope some people care.  Then another batch of releases & another batch & another batch.

Thanks for bothering to care about my work.  It means a lot to me.

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Guitar Experiments, Lo-Fi Pop, & Post Punk from Azalia Snail, Electric Bird Noise, & Dyr Fazer


Hope all is going well with you.  You may have already heard about it on Facebook or Twitter, but last month my parents’ basement flooded destroying about a fourth of the physical inventory, but if you even mildly follow the music industry you know that physical sales have been in dramatic decline for ten years so I am trying to play it positive as making me clear out some trash rather than $10,000 worth of CDs.  My main regret of the experience is it really highlights that I should have done lower press runs the first 15 years & then I could’ve helped more bands.  Live, learn, & move on, right?  The future looks good.  Anyway, we’ve got three new releases for you.

Electric Bird Noise: Nighttime Tides
Electric Bird Noise is back with a 32 minute epic ambient guitarscape.  Longtime fans who loved the Le Vestibule era of EBN should definitely check this one out.  Feel the pull of the ocean as the fog rolls in, or is it a smoke machine?
Buy or listen on Silber: http://www.silbermedia.com/ebn/nighttime.shtml
Buy or listen on Bandcamp: https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/nighttime-tides
Listen on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/6Vi7uO0NXwR7vpuUgSb4fD
Special! - Download all 8 EBN releases on Silber for just $12!  Half-price! – www.silbermedia.com/sale  

Azalia Snail: Dream Dazzler
 super happy to work with lo-fi queen Azalia Snail again here at Silber.  She made a 5in5 of lo-fi dance jams & such.  Dive in to the broken toy daydream.
Buy or listen on Silber: http://www.silbermedia.com/5in5/as-dreamdazzler.shtml
Buy or listen on Bandcamp: https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/dream-dazzler
Listen on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/6FJSxVKn1ZDGYH3czPs8l8

Dyr Faser
Dyr Faser is Eric Boomhower & part of Boston’s growing lo-fi post-punk/proto-goth scene. Taking notes from godfathers of the genres like Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Suicide, Durutti Column, & Coil – Dyr Faser blends it all together & gives you five one minute shots that hit you like $2 shots at an after hours bar. You can’t help but nod your head to the drum machine rhythms as you wait for the creature lurking in the darkness to destroy you. Don’t worry; the monsters have always been your friends.
Buy or listen on Silber: http://www.silbermedia.com/5in5/dyr-faser.shtml
Buy or listen on Bandcamp: https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/dyr-faser
Listen on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/37Ypl00iqiUZEdbrd90WvY

We still have some download codes left for anyone who orders a physical copy of any of the Lycia or Lycia related releases (Mike VanPortfleet, Tara VanFlower, Black Happy Day) through Silber to get a free download code for the new Lycia album A Line That Connects.

New Releases coming soon from Cloaca, Ms, Koyl, Fullness Off Lack, Jon Dawson, Moodring, Hotel Hotel, Lum, Premature Burial, DR, & more in the coming weeks.  A batch of comics about Robert E Howard coming soon. & of course inevitably a new QRD.  Also thinking about re-starting the Silber Blog, let me know what you’d want in it – http://silbermedia.com/blog/?p=6231 

Thanks for your interest & support & spread the word about the new releases if you can & if you want to be taken off the mailing list just let me know.

Brian John Mitchell

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What Do You Want in the Silber Blog?

Just wanted to take a quick poll to see what you would like to see here in the Silber blog.

If the Silber Blog started coming out regularly again, what would you most like to see?

pollcode.com free polls


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Still Moving Forward

Just wanted to do a quick little blog to let some of the curious know what is going on with some release date stuff.  The flood through off my life schedule a bit & consequently there are new releases from Azalia Snail, Dyr Faser, & Electric Bird Noise available on Bandcamp, Spotify, & pretty much everywhere else; but not yet on the main Silber site.  I had work on two of my day jobs today & work on two of my other day jobs tomorrow & then going out of town for a Silberian baby shower for the weekend.  So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to squeeze in the time to get them up on the Silber site tomorrow or not (my one job has downtime, but I’ve been trying to dedicate that downtime to working on comics), but sometime next week at the latest & then the newsletter comes out & I start the promotional campaigns for these releases.  Then finish up a batch of comics, maybe put out a new issue of QRD, then another batch of releases.  It’s all happening.

If you want to check out the latest release on Spotify, you can do so here – https://play.spotify.com/user/silberspy/playlist/4nuz7tocaNt9OkFetPsHhG

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The Flood, Not The Fall

At this point I imagine most people who read the Silber blog heard about my parents’ basement flooding.  It’s where I kept the overstock back catalog of Silber releases.  I probably threw away about 10,000 water damaged CDs.  No insurance of course.  It would be easy to look at it as a $20,000 loss, but I’m trying to play things positive.  The fact of the matter is pretty much none of those CDs were going to sell anytime in the foreseeable future.  In fact I’d been debating what to do with them, if I should just throw a bunch of them out anyhow so it’s good to have my mind made up for me.  The remaining discs look much more orderly for a third of them being missing.

There are a few things I lost that I am kinda bummed about, but as they had been sitting in the basement of a house I haven’t lived in for years, how important were they?  Some guitar pedals that were pulled from my rig for unreliability that I should have given away in the past.  Bass drums drying out that may not be salvagable (but I haven’t played drums in a band since 2010).  My rejection letter from Schecter about being a sponsored artist.  My Cartoon Network contract that they broke.  A Remora banner made for a festival show by some fans in rural Kentucky.  A bunch of mix tapes & CD-Rs from friends that lived in my past two dead cars.  Some indie comics from the 1980s & 1990s that I would probably never read again anyway.

It’s all good.  The whole thing just helps me to realize that I’m moving forward.  That the world is changing in ways that make my life easier.  Life is good & I’ve been really blessed to manage to do all the things I have done.  Thank you all for our interest & support.

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Good Quarters & Other Things

So I’m working on the Silber Paperwork for the end of the quarter & somehow this has been the best one in a couple years.  There’s a perfect storm of reasons (a couple distro checks that only come once a year, starting to accept weird ads on the site, plus orders & people actually using the Silber Spotify playlists, a couple hundred dollars in button orders), but it’s awesome & I’d like to thank everyone who has helped to spread the word or even just cared about the work I do over here.

There’s some shenanigans going on in life that may slow down production here at Silber again in the near future, but I’m going to do my best to continue getting some work out.  Chip away at things that need to be done at least a little every single day.  I have a comic half done that I’m writing drawing & art in from two that I need to lay out.  Sixteen music releases waiting for me to get ready to promote & distribute.  A couple records I’m working on.  A lot going on.  But it’s going to happen.  Life is good.

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FCIO – Bad Company – Goodbye Krool World

badcompany-gkwI found out about this comic from Martin Newman (Goddakk, DRLNG).  It’s a sci-fi war comic that was published in 2000 AD, which sounds okay; but when I found out it was written by Peter Milligan (Shade, X-Statix) I was in for checking it out (also worth noting Steve Dillon of Preacher fame did some of the art).  It’s a bit of a cross between Starship Troopers & Heart of Darkness with a diary of a green soldier becoming the hardened man needed to survive.  It’s not great, but it’s fun & good & worth checking out.


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Finally Checking It Out – Shatter

is an 80s comic & its claim to fame is it was the first comic book drawn with a computer.  I think it was done with a first generation Apple Mac & one of the interesting things in the notes of the book is Apple wanted to be distanced from the book because they wanted to be machines for businessmen, not toys for artists.  Anyway, the art, design, & visual storytelling in this are solid.  It’s clearly influenced by blade runner & the story is adequate though not amazing.  If you like dystopian sci-fi comics or quirky pieces of art technology history, it’s definitely worth checking out.

shatter interior artYou can read more about Shatter on Wikipedia….

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