Low lately

I saw Low the other night.  They were great.  I feel like 12 years ago or so I saw them about twice a year, but their touring schedule & my life schedule has made seeing them much less common.  Somehow I think this was only my second time seeing them in 10 years.  So anyway, there were a few things I noticed.
(1)    Mimi plays drums sitting down now.  She said it’s cut down on her getting tennis elbow.
(2)    Alan has two super small guitar amps (I’d guess ten inchers), but one was actually used for the drum machine (pointed straight at Mimi, which is a great help as I’m sure any live drummer who has played with pre-recordings or drum machines can tell you).
(3)    For years they have opted to have a soundman as their extra person on tour over a merchandiser.  I never really noticed how important the soundman (Tom Herbers) was before this show.  He really is the secret to them being able to sound as they do, changing the reverb on the vocals from this song to that, transforming the floor tom into a bass drum.  Blending everything together.  I thing for music that is subtle & minimalist having their own soundman is really necessary & I wonder if some other bands I’ve liked over the years could’ve been a lot better live if they’d made the same choice to have a soundman with them.
(4)    This tour they were playing two sets with no opening band & relatively early shows.  I’ve noticed a few bands at their level doing this & I think I like it.

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  1. TripleP says:

    Thanks for the review. It has been many more years for me since I saw them at the 40 Wstt. Do you think he was using a real low wattage tube amp?

Most Popular Silber Releases of 2015


Hope 2016 is off to a great start for you.  Mine’s a little miserable as I had a flu that turned into pneumonia (to quote the doctor, “You’re having trouble breathing”), but I’m still alive with antibiotics & a steroid inhaler so I can’t complain too much.  While it has slowed down some of the Silber plans (most notably the issue of QRD that’s been waiting to be edited since August), we still have big plans for 2016 starting with releases from darkwavers Heaven Falls Hard & prog droners Space Sweeper in February.

I made up a special download bundle (available on the front page at www.silbermedia.com , $20 download, right around half price, 6 hours of music) of the ten releases that were generating the most traffic on the Silber website last year.  While most of them were released last year & come as no surprise, it was interesting to see some oldies show up like Andrew Weathers’ entry in the 5in5 series & Aarktica’s Pure Tone Audiometry & The Wet Teens’ record (which I actually had to turn to a no index page a couple years ago because the porn traffic was effecting some stuff on the technical side of running a website, so I’m not sure how a release that is nearly unsearchable generated so much traffic, but I take it as a compliment to a fun record I like that really probably doesn’t belong in the Silber catalog).  Anyway, here’s the list:
Various Artists: Broken Hearts Broken Sounds
Andrew Weathers: They Turned the Heat On
Yellow6: No Memories Only Photographs
Aarktica: Pure Tone Audiometry
The Wet Teens: Let It Pee
Various Artists: Make Some Noise
Philip Polk Palmer: Here in the Deadlights
Various Artists: Kaiju Temple
Chvad SB: Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree
M is We: M is We

If you just stream music these days, you can listen to them all on this Spotify playlist:

Thank you for your interest & support, I couldn’t do it without you.

Brian John Mitchell

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The Box

silber po boxBack in 1995 I opened this PO Box for QRD/Silber in Raleigh & kept it even when living in other cities.  I closed it a couple of days ago.  I know it’s just a box & physical mail now is almost non-existent compared to the 1990s, but it still holds so many odd memories of receiving the packages that held promises of the future.  The address might appear on 100,000 objects from over the years (CDs, zines, postcards, comics) & I always have the hope someone who loves my work will stumble on something old & contact me there, but that probably hasn’t happened in a couple years now.  Still, there was always the hope.  Goodbye box, I hope your next owner loves you as much as I did.

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Hopeful Holidays

I hope all is going well.  I had a good Small Life Form featuring Bride of Silber (& Drone Cub) show at Squidco’s Christmess show.  Some of the Christmas EPs are getting positive press.  So things are good.
A lot of tedious stuff on the website to work through.  I changed the mediaplayer to something much more to my liking, but it means changing the code line slightly for every MP3 on the website to fully utilize it.  Which is probably a thousand or more & a couple hundred pages to fix.  Not sure when I will work through that.  I just found out my sign-up sheet for the newsletter wasn’t working (no wonder no one has been signing up!) & I tried to fix it, but I wasn’t clever enough to make it work so I had to remove it from about 1000 pages.  Uggg… not rewarding work.

Got some plans or at least desires to get things to start rolling for the upcoming releases on Silber & I have plenty of interviews in the can for QRD.  Just need to gather the emotional energy to get work done, hoping to get everything I wanted done by last September finished by February….

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Silber Christmas Music & More

Hey Kidz,

Hope all is going well with the stress of the Christmas season.  We’re always trying to get a ton of stuff done, but of course we’re always running behind getting the word out, so here’s what’s up with us lately!

Luka Fisher
A few weeks ago we put out a new 5 songs in 5 minute EP from Luka Fisher of experimental, ambient, & primitive dance music.  Free to stream or $1 to support the music.

In other 5in5 news, the Drekka EP got reviewed in the magazine Rockerilla, which feels like a big deal to me & makes me want to really try to do some stuff to push the series a little harder.  So I’m thinking about doing a Kickstarter to get subscribers for the series so I can get the artists a budget for recording & get Silber a budget for advertising.  I’ve also got a few new folks interested in taking part in the 5in5 series like Anda Volley, Cloaca, & Bronze Eye.  So I’m feeling good.

Christmas EP
Of course it is Christmas & so this year instead of a compilation we went with the EP series again (I really think I prefer this format, compilations with hard deadlines are stressful to put together).  This time out we have EPs from Yellow6, Electric Bird Noise, Remora, Small Life Form, Baptizer, fornever, & Exercitus Dei.  All are pretty experimental & a lot have drone-iness, though this year no one did any takes on classic Christmas songs (for better or worse).  You can listen to them all on the Silber site as well as checking out our offerings from Christmases past here.

New Mini Comics
Last month we put out three new mini comics.  An auto-bio called HG about a difficult pregnancy, the second installment of sci-fi book Seabase 17, & a re-issue of Zombie Kisses #4.  You can get them all as a download bundle $1 or physicals mailed to you for $5.

In more comic news I was a featured guest on the web show Comic Culture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2AAq_laIUc

I made a stop motion video for an Irata song.  I think I spent a week making it, but it was fun & I’m pretty pleased with the results.

If you are traveling this season, I have been doing my best to keep the Spotify playlist of the most recent Silber releases updated.

That’s it for now, but coming soon are a new QRD, musical debuts from Space Sweeper & Treyverb, new albums from Heaven Falls Hard & Lum, more comics, more 5in5 EPS, & other goodies.

Thanks for all your interest & support, it means a lot to us & helps us know we are doing work that is worthwhile.  Spread the word about us if you can.

Brian John Mitchell

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Two Months

Somehow I haven’t bothered to write up a blog entry for a couple months.  It’s not because nothing has been happening, it’s because I’ve been busy & exhausted.  My daughter was born on October 4 & while the amount of time it’s taking I did anticipate, the amount of emotional energy I didn’t really anticipate.  So the time I have left to work doesn’t translate well because I need to decompress before I can concentrate enough to get Silbering done.  Still, there’ve been three new music releases on Silber in the past couple months & three new mini-comics (still need to print & assemble the physicals & add them to the website) & so that feels positive & I think I am getting to the point where I’ll be able to get the work out more regularly & that’s good because there’s a ton coming up.  Some new Christmas EPs, a new QRD, a half dozen new musical releases, the Small Life Form/Bride of Silber Christmas show, & some new comics.  Watch out & probably start following us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with things since the blog seems to be neglected.

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The World Didn’t End & Things Are Good

Today is September 13.  It’s also the Jewish holiday of Rosh-Hashanah.  Back in 1988 I was in the 8th grade & September 13 was predicted to be the end of the world.  People forget about it now I’m sure, but back then the guy who made the prediction & wrote a book about it was getting interviewed on Good Morning America & they were talking about it on the local news & all that.  I assume some of the local churches in my town were preaching about it too because a lot of kids in my class were scared about it.  My english teacher even made some statement about needing to do our homework, but not needing to turn it in if the world ended.  While I grew up with a constant hope/dread of nuclear war or zombies to bring about the post-apocalyptic culture I knew I could thrive in, I wasn’t sure what to hope for in a religious armageddon. I mean, I already knew that I wasn’t living the type of life where God would tell me, “Well done my good & faithful servant,” & I wasn’t sure what kind of post-apocalyptic world would be left.  It seemed like it might be significantly darker than Dawn of the Dead or Battletruck or the third part of Robotech & not possible for a 13 year old to survive no matter how metal & punk he might be.  Of course, in the end nothing happened & I kept listening to Metallica & Christian Death.

So today is a good day to me & it’s been a good week.
(1) I’ve been getting work done on a pretty epic video for Irata’s new album & I’m hopeful with it coming out on a bigger label (Retro Futurist) that maybe something I’m working on will get a little more exposure than normal.
(2) In my alerts about where people are talking about Silber on the internet, I got two new mentions of QRD interviews used as citations for Wikipedia (for John Ostrander & Devo 2.0).  It makes me feel a little more appreciated than I normally do.  Which is nice.
(3) This past week I sent out my new batch of mini-comics & solicited to reviewers & for the first time in a while, people actually responded wanting me to send them review copies.  Once again, the appreciation of work thing.
(4) When going through some old memo pads I found a half dozen comic scripts that I mis-placed that I got typed up.  Two of them went out to artists.  Two of them I’m supposed to draw.  Two of them are for series that are waiting for another issue to come in first.
(5) The new Yellow6 & Remora came out this week & I sent out the newsletter & all that.  Once again, people seem to actually care this time out.   Which makes me feel great.
(6) Celebrating my good mood, I put some new sales up on the Silber site, including downloading the ten latest releases for $20.

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New Music & New Comics

Some new stuff afoot here at Silber.

New release from Yellow6 of ambient post rock.  The digital is ready now & the physicals should be in shortly.

I recently found some recordings from a Remora radio session from 2007.  Aggressive ambient guitar stuff.  Hope you dig it.

Three new mini-comics out as well.  New issue of REH, re-issue of Zombie Kisses #3, & a one-shot collaboration with Nate McDonough called Genius Junkies.  You can order them all here.

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Videos & Daily News

Some of the Silberians have been working hard.

Here’s a video for M is We.

& here are a couple videos for the upcoming release from Yellow6.

Been running into problems lately.  I’m trying to change my mailing address on the Silber bank account (online errors out for some reason) & because I set up the account 20 years ago & the bank has been sold twice since then, the changing address thing has flagged them to ask me to do a ton of paperwork, which is ironic since my wife set up a DBA account two years ago without needing the paperwork they are requesting from me.  Going to try to go to another branch at some point (of course there is only one in the town I’m in) & see if I can find a banker nice enough to let it slide.  Hate to have to keep the old PO Box open forever.

A couple bands I’ve worked with in the past are on some other labels & getting a lot of press for their new releases.  I’m happy for them of course & I know that the labels are spending money on professional publicists that may keep the records from ever recouping costs (or at the very least would for Silber), but it still makes me feel like a bit of a failure for the consistent decrease in press interest in Silber releases over the past couple years.  I admit it, I’m old & don’t know how to relate to the current wave of taste makers (even those the same age as myself).  I really think I’m ready to go to just the comps & 5in5s & admit other people can do better jobs with albums & other important releases.  The only dilemma is all the people who do stuff for Silber are already exhausted with trying to find someone even as good as I am.

On the good news front, I finished reading what I thought would be my bleakest research book (the letters of Robert E Howard’s dad, mostly dealing with Bob’s death & the aftermath of that) & I am happy to say it is not nearly as dark as I feared & is more boring than depressing.  I also have the art in for a few more books that I need to layout.  Just need to make that happen.  I also have submissions in for my next couple comps here on Silber, so it seems they are going to actually happen, which is positive.

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Silber August Newsletter

I hope all is well.  Things are rough here at Silber, but we are still getting things done & have some news for you.

QRD #74 First off we have a new issue of QRD.  Over 25 interviews with guitarists, bass players, cartoonists, & label owners about their work plus a feature interview with Rivulets.  I don’t know why, but I think this issue is especially good.  Read through & let me know what you think.


Fathers - Balancing Family & Art I did the editing to make Fathers (the interview book about balancing art & family) available as a hardcover through Lulu.  I’m pretty excited about it.  It’s a little bit pricey, but Lulu usually has sales about once a month to give you 20% off if you keep your eyes open.


Lure of the Unknown - Day of Endings New music in our 5in5 series from Lure of the Unknown.  It’s definitely toward the experimental electronic end of the spectrum & is five sound tracks to six-word microstories.  Why not spend five minutes checking it out?


M is We - Sinking We also have a new collection of remixes of M is We’s “Sinking”.  It’s free to stream or download over at Bandcamp.  If you didn’t listen to the M is We album a couple months ago, the music is electroclash & synthpop & post punk oriented.


Some old friends of ours have some albums coming out over the next few months, I’m sure you are savvy enough to find info on the internet about the new albums from Low, Irata, & Lycia.

Hopefully we’ll have some new releases from Drekka, Kirchenkampf, Chvad SB, & Space Sweeper done soon.  Life keeps pushing things back a little, but we’re sure we’ll win eventually.

While the comics’ front has been a little stagnant lately with actual releases, a lot is going on with scripts being written again.  So hopefully the art will start to flow in & we’ll have stuff for you to read soon.

Thanks for your interest & support; as always, spreading the word about the work we’re doing can be just as helpful to us as financial support.


Brian John Mitchell

Silber Media

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