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Somewhat Relevant – Dark Knight Returns The Golden Child

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child

So I am a fan of The Dark Knight Returns & Frank Miller & while I thought DKRIII was fine, I had no memory of it & was excited to see Miller back in this universe of the dystopian future …

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FCIO – Batman: Digital Justice

Batman Digital Justice

So I feel like everybody in my age range knows of this comic, but somehow I don’t know anyone who has actually read it.  Even my friend Jason Young of Gutter Trash who has Batman as his favorite character said …

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Videos, Work, Dream

So I spent the whole day working on the puzzle boxes & bottle comics.  But at least I feel like it’s rounding the bend as far as getting actual work done & things shipped instead of just behind the scenes …

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Kafka, Comics, Jobs, Supervision, Dreams

So I posted up a review on Finally Checking It Out of the 1991 movie Kafka.  It includes an embed of the movie in the post.

I got two first drafts done for two of my self-proposed four comic …

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