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Ten or so days….

So I hope you all are doing well.  I’m hitting my, “Holy cow have I got a lot to do & a little time to do it in” spot in life right now.  In about a week I go out …

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  1. Lullabier says:

    So…there will be a sequel to “Solo guitar”?

  2. Joe Badon says:

    Thanks for the shout out ye brethren :)

Remixering & Such

Spent most of the day working on ebook stuff, which is pretty boring & tedious, but it’s good to get some work done.

I did complete a remix thing for somebody.  It’s a pretty gothy band out of Europe.  It’s …

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Recorders & Comics

For the past twenty years or so now I’ve been thinking about buying one of those portable digital multi-trackers.  Well, I finally bit the bullet & bought one.  I like the idea of being able to record with something that …

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  1. hi brian says:

    i feel like bloggers/zines etc. . want to tell you what’s good and interesting but take offense at others telling them what’s good and interesting. I also am under the impression that the people in these key positions mostly have horrible tastes. whatchya gonna do.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right. It’s kinda like how sometimes a girlfriend has no interest in seeing a movie that you’d both be into unless it’s her idea. Which I am sure I’m guilty of on my side too.

Breaking Stuff

So a while ago I was trying to figure out somethings about how to play with video in a primitive analog way (not using a computer) & I noticed that my Kaosspad had RCA jacks just like the video RCA …

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Small Life Form & Artsy Fartsy Photography

So I guess today was the last practice since I went ahead & struck down all my equipment.  The recording set-up worked fine today (so I still don’t know how to keep it from happening again).  I recorded a couple …

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  1. Peter says:

    You should definitely be a part time riverside troubadour.

  2. Nick says:

    Brian, probably those gifs will give epileptic seizure to some lucky one…

Remora stuff

So I’ve been doing some more work towards recording a bit the past couple of days while practicing for show this weekend.  I ran into a problem today with my computer acting weird about recording giving these weird static peaks.  …

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  1. Nick Marino says:

    Great tunes! I really dig Dance Anthem 116.

    • Thanks sir! “Dance Anthem 116″ was done using the Little Drummer Boy software mainly because of my soundcard issues (I wrote it on my keyboard, but it was easier to remake the thing with the software than figure out what is wrong with the electricity). I think you might dig that software. It’s from the 1990s & it changed from shareware to freeware a couple of years ago.

Remora Demos

So for those of you who don’t know, I like to record these really rough demos & get people’s opinions on them before working on a record.  I mean, I wouldn’t even call these things songs as much as ideas, …

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  1. Jeremy Bennett says:

    Listening through these was the highlight of my Thursday night.

    I comment as I listen below so I hope I don’t say things over and over, but I’m just popping out what I think as I hear through them.

    I especially liked Curtain, Blessed by the Light, and as silly as it is… ‘car starting noise’… :)

    Please put music to Blessed by the Light… and you seriously need to put some music to ‘Forks and Knives’ – Good stuff man.

    Impersonate an Angel is pretty amazing… but I’m a bit confused about it, if there’s more words to it – I wanna know where it goes if anywhere…

    Inaudible is a great minimalist tune. Love it.

    I survive – with some music could be pretty epic.

    I like the tune to ‘let me be dead’, but it just feels like a depressed outcry… but the melody – I do really like.

    Lord of All – of course I like that… you know me ;p

    Mandolin = good tune ;p

    Move to the Desert with music will be a total blast… please add some so I can hear what you come up with on this :)

    Nickel sounds like a guitar being played with a nickel as a pick… I may be wrong, but this I do like.

    ‘Can you kill me?’ – love the idea, but feels a bit too depressing… but that’s prolly just me.

    No Alibis could be a main track on something in my mind.

    Not ready for rejoicing is good stuff… nice words/sentiment.

    Prayer & fasting, I really like the tune/melody on this.

    Remind me of my girl ^ seems like it could fit together with prayer & fasting, but of course that wouldnt make sense, but the tune/melody flowed well between the two…

    Slightly out would be nice with some minimalist percussion noises, a clang here, or chime there possibly.

    Something wrong = good idea, awesome tune :)

    Tie my shoes together… this confused me, but also was very interesting, and I like the tune.

    Towns = good stuff.

    Trying and failing, I know what this is like. I wanted to hear more… I like the surprise leap in energy and volume when you screamed and was a bit sad it was over at that.

    Unravel + light musical sounds would be magical.

    Where I’m Going, would be good in my mind with a typical rock band setup – drums and all that.

    I didn’t comment on everything, but on most. Those I didn’t comment on I still see some potential there, but nothing leapt to my mind as I listened to those. I know my feedback is just suggestions and impressions, but hopefully some of my thoughts on this can be of some benefit.

    Keep it up man, and God Bless :)

Drekka, 5 in 5, Shows, Fails, Futures

Okay, so I decided recently that the 5 in 5 series I can only do bi-weekly.  Writing a new press release & getting it tooled every week is just a bit beyond my scope with all the things I’m trying …

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Remora Recording

So I had a long & productive day today.  I recorded a Remora song for a compilation, laid down some vocals for the collaboration with Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) & Ted Johnson (Tesla Recoils), & recorded & mixed the …

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Dreams, Comps, Sasquatch, Comic Reviews, & Daily Struggles

Here’s a review of the Silber Bottle Comics on The Comic Vault (review starts at ~7:55). 

So over the weekend at Lansing I had a blast.  There was some kind of technical snafu going on with half of my effect …

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