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New Minimalism & Sound Experiments from Electric Bird Noise, Bryce Eiman, Ocean in a Bottle, & The Day2 Alliance

Hey Starz,

It’s been a while & I hope you’re doing well.  A lot has been going on at Silber, but I’ve been sick with a bronchitis/sinusitis/ear infection that didn’t really respond to antibiotics that has slowed me down the

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New Drones & Sounds from Yellow6, Luka Fisher, Konbanwa, Chvad SB, Petridisch, Nebh, CNSNNT, & Klator


You probably know the end of the year is coming soon & that means Christmas, so this should be the newsletter where I talk about our Christmas releases, but instead you’ll get that one next week, because we have …

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Newsletter & New News

Hey Kidz,

I’m running behind on a lot of things & there’s so much going on I want to go ahead & get the word out about some of them before I forget.

First of all there is a bunch …

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Droneuary & more

I’ve been really stressed out lately with some things going wrong, but I’m doing my best to keep upbeat.  Some of you may know there’s been an on again/off again problem with my email host getting my messages marked as …

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Droneuary, Goddakk, 5 in 5, Dreams

So I haven’t really tried my big push for Droneuary yet.  I think I tweeted about it once & then it posted from there to Facebook twice.  But I went through & made it so it advertises on all the …

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