Somewhat Relevant – Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression

People who’ve known me a while know I’m a pretty big Iggy Pop fan. I love the first Stooges record so much that I will buy & listen to pretty much anything he does. That said, a lot of his catalog I haven’t listened to much. Sometimes the producers try to slicken him into David Bowie & other times they try to make him 22 again & I have already got the music I need in those two categories. I need a record from the elder god of punk telling me where he is & who he is now.  The last time someone tried to do this was Don Was with Avenue B & I love that record. Now Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) has done the same thing & it is great. Current & essential & Iggy without a gimmick. A benchmark to beat for best album of 2016. It’s not the Nebraska style all Iggy album that I dream of making with him with him on a 4-track in a hotel room, but it’s probably better than that would be.  Highly recommended.


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