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Harlan Ellison, Rest Restless

So Harlan Ellison died the other day.  He has been pretty inspirational to my aggressive ambient work as far as getting me in a headspace for the post apocalyptic soundscapes to exist.  I probably should’ve told him because you should …

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Silber Newsletter June 27, 2018

Hey Kidz,

Sorry there hasn’t been too much news coming out lately.  A lot going on to completely zap me lately & gum up the gears at Silber.  So even though stuff is happening, I’m not really getting the word

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I’m Working On It

There’s a lot going on & life is slowing things down.  There are 5 releases up on the Bandcamp (3 of them on Spotify, 2 not at artist’s request) that I haven’t had a chance to get up on Silber …

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Slowly is Surely

So I thought updating the blog was going to be a normal thing when I did four posts close together, but now it’s been six weeks.  A lot going on in the personal world slowing down the art world for …

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