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Ten or so days….

So I hope you all are doing well.  I’m hitting my, “Holy cow have I got a lot to do & a little time to do it in” spot in life right now.  In about a week I go out …

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3 Responses to Ten or so days….

  1. Lullabier says:

    So…there will be a sequel to “Solo guitar”?

  2. Joe Badon says:

    Thanks for the shout out ye brethren :)

Books, Music, Comics, & Dreams

Some of you might know my buddy Ben Vendetta who ran the zine Vendetta for years & wrote for Dagger & The Big Takeover & ran Elephant Stone Records.  He has a book about to come out called Wivenhoe Park

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  1. hi brian says:

    the concept of youtube ads for books is weird to me.

    • People are making YouTube ads for every thing these days. I see some people making them for individual concerts. I think the thing is that people are lazy & YouTube is an easily digestible & sharable medium.

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This fall/winter (depending on where you live) will be a busy one. We don’t have the definitive release dates yet, but we do have the following releases in our hands that are just waiting for some minor artwork changes before …

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