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So the “computer power supply I ordered” came in.  Why the quotation marks?  Because it wasn’t the one I ordered.  It was a laptop power supply instead of a desktop power supply.  Waiting for a refund to come through while …

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Sun Ra Sketch, Plumerai, Kid Comic

So I got a request to put my Sun Ra sketch on some shorts.  So if you are interested you can get it over on Cafe Press.

There’s a new EP from Plumerai that you can check out over …

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A Good Bad Day

So I got a lot done the past couple days.  Scanned in & laid out Lost Kisses #22.  Got the paperwork done for quarterly invoices to my distros & got them sent out.  Practiced for my show coming up in …

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2 Responses to A Good Bad Day

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    if you get a new computer you’ll probably get another 10 years instead of 5 out of it.

  2. I found a power supply for $16 including shipping. So I just went ahead & got it. Now I guess it’s just waiting for it to get here & seeing if it turns my computer on.

    I don’t know if I really could expect ten years out of a new machine. Seems like somewhere around 2005 computers price dropped dramatically & they started to last 2-3 years instead of 10 for most people I know. Then again I have no idea why those people have computers in the first place.

John Carter of Mars

So nothing exciting on my end today.  Just doing some work on promo follow-up.  But I did find out about this trailer for the John Carter movie.  Dejah Thoris isn’t the unquestionable degree of red she should be, but it …

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3 Responses to John Carter of Mars

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i haven’t really looked into this but if he’s on mars why is he fighting romans?

  2. Yeah, I know, I think they would look a lot less Roman if they had their skin painted the colors they are supposed to be in the books. But I guess Disney is low on cash. The outfits they are actually supposed to wear would probably look even more homosexual than the Roman ones. Basically leather speedos with belts to hang swords & wallets & such off of. So I think I’m okay with them just going Roman style….

  3. Also I should mention that I like the books enough that I had that band Panthan that is named after the mercenaries in the book.

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So some of the new releases are getting played on some podcasts like Drug Music & No Pigeonholes EXP.  Check them out if you are into weird music.

I sent my scripts for a two-week story arc over to …

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Positives & negatives

I’ve been feeling a bit out of it the past few days.  I can’t really point exactly to why.  I got out all the promos & need to start work on the follow-ups.  I got the checks out to the …

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3 Responses to Positives & negatives

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    based on your interviews it seems like you only listen to stuff on your label. i dunno if that’s a marketing ploy or if that’s real but if it’s real then that could take some of the mystery out of you not knowing what other bands they’re referencing.

    similarly Cat Power instead of Toni Halliday. i think that’s who her big ifluence was, or at least that’s what she said i don’t know what cat power sounds like.

  2. The only new music I regularly listen to is on the label, but I do hear stuff other than that. But I see all these reviews of bands mentioning a half dozen bands I’ve never heard of & then they sound like a bad New Order or an early Jesus & Mary Chain knock off.

    What do you think of Beth Gibbons (Portishead) as a comparison?

  3. GoddakkAttack says:

    don’t think it’s that accurate but i guess close enough. But then i haven’t heard their last album so maybe on that one they sound alike. anyways it’s a step in the right direction from Toni so i’d go with it.

GooglePlus, Silber Salsa, Coming Soon

So I joined GooglePlus today.  I did the math & I’m pretty sure it’s the twentieth social network I’ve joined trying to promote Silber.  So I’m pretty sure I’m right with my decision a year ago to shift away from …

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One Response to GooglePlus, Silber Salsa, Coming Soon

  1. GODDAKKattack says:

    i was thinking you meant salsa music or dancing.

Music Placements, KBOO, Azalia Snail, Harry Potter, Finally Checking It Out, Vibesware Guitar Resonator, Super Haters, The Outer Limits

Spent a lot of the day today doing some research towards music placement places & getting some packages ready to send to a few select ones.  Fingers crossed for the magic million dollar game changing deal to come to fruition …

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Plumerai, The Outer Limits, Endless Interview, Brian Eno, Dreams

Just spending most of my time trying to get the last of the promos out for Azalia Snail, Electric Bird Noise, & Remora.  Then I can start working on the next wave of stuff going on at …

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Clang Quartet, Remora, Disney

The Clang Quartet documentary “Armor of God” is now available for you to watch.  It was of course made by Jim Havercamp & Brett Ingram back in 2001.

Though I know the new Remora record isn’t even officially out yet, …

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4 Responses to Clang Quartet, Remora, Disney

  1. GODDAKKattack says:

    it’s nice that the boy looks like he’s in the Misfits.

  2. Maybe he even is in the current Misfits? Who can keep track?

  3. Peter says:

    It’s great that the documentary is finally available. Just a few weeks ago I was looking for it and came up empty.

  4. Yeah, I’m glad that it’s around for more people to see. It’s weird to think how much & little has changed in the ten years since then.