Silber Newsletter – Christmas & Plunderphonics

Hey Kidz,

I hope all is well.  We have some new music for you.  For the past several years we’ve had a half dozen Christmas EPs, but this fall with all the minor health & day job problems I’ve had I couldn’t bring that all to fruition in time (a half started Remora one will probably come out next year).  We do have a mini-comp with three takes on “O Come O Come Emmanuel” & Yellow6’s annual merry6mas collection of orphan songs & Small Life Form did a track for Ball of Wax’s Christmas comp you can check out at (a plunderphonics piece built from the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack).  Of course you can check out all our past years’ Christmas releases on Spotify here –

We do have a new compilation out that we’ve been working on for several years called Symphonic Plunderphonic that is plunderphonic pieces built from classical music varying from total transformation to fairly true to the spirit of the original material. You can check more material at bridge. It’s available as a free download on Bandcamp.

We also have a new 5in5 from Hyperborean Echoes celebrating the ascent of the soul after death –  Of course you can still listen to the entire series of nearly 300 songs in 5 hours on Spotify –

The CD blowout bundle sale is still going on if you are interested & will end in a couple weeks –

As far as what’s coming up, new material from Whalt Thisney, Chvad SB, Vlor, Remora, Small Life Form, Space Sweeper, Phillip Polk Palmer, & Luka Fisher.  The launch of Droneuary 2020 (a new drone piece by a different band each day starting January 1, we’ll see how long it will go this year).  Of course I hope to get the new issue of QRD done sooner than later, but I’ve been saying that for six months now.

Thanks for your interest & support over all the years, it really means a lot to me.  Spread the word about the music if you can.

Brian John Mitchell

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