Droneuary 2020, New Remora, & The End of the Clearance Sale


I hope all is going well for you in the new year.  As you may have already heard, we are doing our Droneuary series again with a new drone piece each day by a different artist each day for as long as we can go.

Last year, we had a goal of 31 & made it to 80 & this year so far we have in 57 (full list below).  They are released daily on digital streaming sites as well as the Silber Bandcamp as free downloads/pay what you like. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/ Here’s the daily updated playlist on Spotify.  https://open.spotify.com/user/silberspy/playlist/45NXvsMgDQ2c9a0rB7LK0G I hope you all are having as much fun with it as we are & discovering some new artists.

On a related note there’s a new art rock piece built around a music box from Remora called Variations.  You can download it for free on Bandcamp https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/variations or listen to it on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0eTiMdyvrUCu0cLYldafLR

As you may have already heard the Silber warehouse space is getting knocked down at the end of the month & paying to move & store the CDs doesn’t make sense so we are having a ridiculous sale of 12 CDs for $6 plus shipping if you can help spread the word.  https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/merch/12-cd-warehouse-cleaning-special

Lately I’ve been listening to a massive Silber playlist on Spotify of nearly the entire catalog on random & I am really pleased by how much I still love it all.  It’s about 150 hours now – https://open.spotify.com/user/silberspy/playlist/27NjmkRh1NqqDYIf64Fmp1

A lot more coming soon.  Thanks for your interest  & if you want to be removed from the mailing list, please just let me know.

Brian John Mitchell
PO Box 883
Sanford, NC 27331, USA

Droneuary Line-up (band, day of the year, track title)
Discord 1 Out of Reach
Bodies That Matter 2 Are We Weird Enough?
CHANGES TO blind 3 Switellsbane Ploice Vairching
Ocean in a Bottle 4 Holding Hands Falling into Saturn
Electric Bird Noise 5 live at the spiritual center for the creative and sonically inspired 3-16-19
Droneroom 6 The coyote adrift in the unfamiliar
CNSNNT 7 Space To Breathe
Llarks 8 Swim
The Gribshnobler 9 Versatile Solutions for Modern Living
Determinist? 10 live in a rented room at the rehearsal factory
Fornever 11 Hum
Subscape Annex 12 Acephalia
Tuesday Nights in Havana 13 Theme for a Tuesday (Upon Meeting Buddha in the Drag Pit)
Grand Kali Ma 14 Don’t Shortchange The Ferryman
Baptizer 15 Serotonin Reuptake
slicnaton 16 Unapologetic
Thorn1 17 Snow Covers Everything at Least Six Months in a Year
Premature Burial 18 Approach
ShieldEyesFromLight 19 Ís
This Is What I Hear When You Talk 20 A Year With A Lost Heart
Dole & Megalos 21 Durge Rising
Green Light Cameras 22 Dividing by Zero (Soundtrack #2)
Darryl Blood 23 Harborium
Doors In The Labyrinth 24 The Black Rabbit of Inlé II
Wodwo 25 Here Is Your Pasture Flecked with Pink
remst8 26 Respite v1.33
Yellow6 27 Searching for Duane
Maria Pastora 28 SALVINORIN
Nonconnah & Her Kentucky Playboys 29 Untitled Moment (For Kevin Apuzzio)
Fraticornicos 30 Realidad Paralela de Pasillos Mohosos
The Switchblade Kid 31 The Agonies of Love Destroyed Her
Robert Poss 32 Drone Against Hope
Beard Closet 33 Some Pussyfooting
X-Bax 34 Goodbye Jakarta
Jon Lodge & Shane De Leon 35 Quack Back
Gargle 36 Shuttered Windows (Original Version)
Xiu Xiu 37 Never Enuff
Heavy For The Vintage 38 Climate
Wave Assembly 39 Forgotten Outpost
The Sand Rays 40 Dromedary
Tristan Welch 41 The Clouds Are Thick And I’m Sick Of The Sun
Sound_00 + Lefterna 42 Collab 42
Philip Polk Palmer 43 When the Veil Burned
If Thousands 44 In Mind
Mykel Boyd 45 ?
80′s Horns 46 God Bless America
EVQ 47 Expansion Chamber
80 lb. Test 48 Winter Clouds in Winter Trees
Trouble Salad 49 Cavity Claw
remst8 vs CXPA 50 Mariana Trench v1.16
Eras 51 Venom Mezzanine
Zaahj 52 Glean from Which Eye
Instant Movie Combinations 53 Snow Spider Realm
Treyverb 54 Twin Velvet (Live at The Spiritual Center for the Creative and Sonically Inspired 11-29-2019)
litmus0001 55 From Cloud to Sea
Fabio Keiner 56 SilverDrone
Too Tired to Say Anything 57 The Ludic Game

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