Silber Newsletter – Droneuary 2020 & more

Hey Kidz,

I hope all is well & that you are off to a great 2020.  If you haven’t already seen it, we have launched Droneuary 2020 & you can hear & download all the new stuff on our Bandcamp page & see the daily releases as they come out ( ) or check out the series on Spotify ( ).  We have about 55 pieces in so far, so we’ll see if we pass the 85 we got in last year.  It has been a real honor to see the series generate so much interest from the artists involved.

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t really been updating the main Silber website lately.  I do plan to update everything eventually, but more traffic was going to Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter so I’ve had those as the focus even though I personally wish the main site was the center of all things.  Time is hard to come by around here lately, so I’ve had to pick & choose a bit more than I’d like as far as what to cultivate.

Recently we have started giving out free Bandcamp download codes on Twitter ( ).  I’m mentioning this not only so you can make sure you are following Silber on Twitter & can score some free downloads for yourself, but to offer you twenty codes of your favorite Silber release to post to Twitter (or other social media) for your friends.  Just let me know your favorite release & I’ll send you some codes to share.

The CD blowout bundle sale is still going on if you are interested & will end in a couple weeks as my free warehouse space goes away at the end of January & with it the majority of Silber CDs. -  $0.50 a disc plus shipping to keep the music out of the landfill.

About a week ago we had a first recording session for my revitalized no wave project The Undermasks (also first full band rehearsal, despite us having had a show a few months back).  I have yet to listen to the recordings, but it was rewarding for me to be in a more band type setting than I’ve been in since 2011.  It’s nice to go in with vague ideas & watch them get transformed by collaborators & we’ll see if my initial vision stays with the band or if it transforms into it’s own thing.  The lineup is currently me on guitar/drums/vocals, Martin Newman (Goddakk/Plumerai) on guitar, & Rowland Yeargan (Konbanwa/Sprtsmanship) on guitar/drums.  We’ll see if an EP/album is ready for the next newsletter. 

As far as what’s coming up, new material from Whalt Thisney, Chvad SB, Vlor, Remora, Small Life Form, Space Sweeper, Phillip Polk Palmer, The Undermasks, & Luka Fisher.  The launch of a new field recording series in April.  Of course I hope to get the new issue of QRD done sooner than later, but I’ve been saying that for six months now & just maybe some new comics.

Thanks for your interest & support over all the years, it really means a lot to me.  Spread the word about the music if you can & if you want to be removed from the mailing list just let me know.

Brian John Mitchell

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