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Flea prevention, lungworm and tick treatment



Dog and cat flea problems are common throughout the year. We have many  hundreds of clients each year, bringing in dogs and cats complaining of ongoing flea problems after using products from supermarkets and pet stores. Why is this ?


Well the flea cycle involves a flea jumping on to your pet, feeding for a day or two and then jumping off into your carpets/ floors and laying hundreds of microscopic eggs. These eggs are very difficult to remove or destroy and can hatch out over the next weeks or months later, so starting the cycle again. It is important that any flea product used kills all fleas on the pet, as even one or two fleas can lay many hundreds of eggs. It is also important to use a household flea spray on the floors, which kill the microscopic larvae that hatch from the eggs. Many of the products sold at  shops are simply not strong enough to kill all the fleas. You can check for flea infestation by looking for specks of dirt (flea droppings) which when combed onto wet white paper leave a red halo.


Our advice is :


  • Use a flea spot on treatment that is very potent – we currently recommend Advocate, Stronghold or Advantage, that is applied monthly to the back of the neck. These are prescription only medicines that must be dispensed from your vet according to your pets weight, but are highly effective at getting rid of those fleas. All pets in the household must be treated. Check on this article what kill fleas right away on dogs.


  • It is also possible to use a 6 monthly injection (Program) which some people find more convenient. To be most effective it should be started before a flea problem arises and all pets in the household need to be treated.


  • Use a household spray that lasts for at least 6 months – as it needs to keep working as the eggs hatch out. We recommend Acclaim spray which will last for 1 year after one application.
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