New Minimalism & Sound Experiments from Electric Bird Noise, Bryce Eiman, Ocean in a Bottle, & The Day2 Alliance

Hey Starz,

It’s been a while & I hope you’re doing well.  A lot has been going on at Silber, but I’ve been sick with a bronchitis/sinusitis/ear infection that didn’t really respond to antibiotics that has slowed me down the past couple months that I am finally getting over.  Getting older & admitting the slow down is hard, but enough excuses & sob stories, on with all the good things happening.

The Droneuary series (a drone piece by a different artist each day) ended up lasting 80 days & you can hear or download the whole thing on Bandcamp at name your own price.  It was a lot of fun & I’m planning on doing it again in 2020.

It’s been about two years somehow, but I got together a new QRD with 27 interviews with artistic dads, guitarists, record label owners, cartoonists, & touring musicians.  Hopefully something for everyone.  Probably another issue fairly soon as this fall marks 25 years since I did the interviews for the first issue.  If you have any words (kind or unkind) to say about the thing let me know, as it’d be nice to have a little letters section or what have you for the anniversary.

I finally finished a new issue of my original micro-comic Lost Kisses.  It continues the time travel story arc you forgot all about, but has a recap page so it’s easy to walk into.  Meanwhile my three year old drone cub made a comic with an all star cast illustrating it like Jason Young, Nate McDonough, Michael Neno, Bob Corby, Kurt Dinse, Eddie Delaney, JM Hunter, Chelsea Fields, Dan McCloskey, Shawn Atkins, & Jared Catherine called In The Spooky Jungle.  Lost Kisses is $2 with shipping, Spooky Jungle is $4 or get both for $5 Paypal-ing to

The 5in5 EP series has officially re-launched with new EPs from Bryce Eiman, Ocean in a Bottle, & Day2 Alliance.  More info on all of those below & more coming soon from Baptizer, Vlor, & more.  Of course you can listen to the entire 5in5 series on Spotify to hear how everyone has faced the challenge over the years.

Finally we have a new album from Electric Bird Noise continuing the ambient jazz for art gallery elevators of the last few years, but this time collaborating with drummers.  A little more info below.

Here are a few releases from some of our good allies that you might want to check out:
M is We –
Irata –
Nonconnah –

There’s other stuff, but that’s enough news for now.   Probably some more news & new music in a couple weeks.  Thanks for your interest & support, spread the word if you can.

Brian John Mitchell
Silber Records
PO Box 883
Sanford, NC 27331


Ocean in a Bottle - A Simple Case

OCEAN IN A BOTTLE: A Simple Case: I’m sorry… looking at the moon
File Under: Piano, Melancholia, Introspection, Minimalism
Recommended if you like: Brian Eno, Zoviet France, Harold Budd
Following on from his Droneuary release on Silber, “Dawn Chorus”, Manchester based Andy N, aka Ocean in a Bottle, has an entry for the 5 in 5 series. “A Simple Case: I’m sorry… looking at the moon” while still using recorded ambience with live instruments goes further with the five pieces uniting together to tell a fragmented tiny story, taking the listener on a journey across emotions with live rain as bookends of the story & layers of drone like synths & looping piano as symbols of aching sadness & heightened reality stepping into rain building a new reality that one can be more immersed in with more listens.
Listen or download on Bandcamp –
Listen on YouTube –
Listen on Spotify –

day2-alliance-pardonDAY2 ALLIANCE: Pardon the Interruption (Commercial Themes Volume One)
File Under: Experimental, Drone, Indie
Recommended if you like: Drekka, music by your friends
It’s kind of embarrassing that the idea of a 5in5 as a compilation came from Day2 Alliance instead of Silber. A compilation to sample some of the flavors of the art collective featuring Drekka, 144,000, Porir Georg, Eating Canada. Minute long ambient soundtracks for spooky moments.  Day2 Alliance TV, signing off.
Listen or download on Bandcamp –
Listen on Spotify –

Bryce_Eiman-More_thanBRYCE EIMAN: More Than a Second, Less Than a Moment
File Under: Experimental, Noise, Minimalism
Recommended if you like: Nurse with Wound, Nocturnal Emissions, Aube
Silber’s prodigal father Bryce Eiman returns with a new entry in the 5 in 5 series.  For those not in the know, Bryce Eiman has been releasing experimental music since 1989 varying from aggressive & caustic to soothing & ambient to rhythmic & danceable both solo & in various collaborations.  Since 2008 he’s been the curator of 919Noise & it’s monthly series showcasing experimenters from around the world as well as showcasing local talent & giving an outlet for live performance to Silber artists like Electric Bird Noise, Small Life Form, slicnaton, Konbanwa, & countless others.
“More than a second, less than a moment” is minute long electronic meditations on the lyrics of Appalachian folk songs.  Soothing & menacing, just like man’s relationship to both creation & the creator.
Listen or download on Bandcamp –
Listen on YouTube –
Listen on Spotify –

ELECTRIC BIRD NOISE: Hearn-Roberts-Strong-Watts
File Under: Experimental, Ambient Jazz, Outer Space, Minimalism
Recommended if you like: Lubormor Melnyk, Brian Eno
Hailing from America’s party city Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Electric Bird Noise has been Brian Lea McKenzie’s outlet for sound experimentation for 20 years. Varying from prog rock to post rock, new wave to ambient, jazz to noise, Electric Bird Noise has always been uniquely itself.
On Hearn-Roberts-Strong-Watts EBN continues the guitar based ambient jazz experiments for art gallery elevators of the past few years with the addition of percussionists as a natural expansion of the sonic pallet. Shut your eyes and wait for the elevator to let you out in outer space.
Listen or download on Bandcamp –
Listen on YouTube –
Listen on Spotify –

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Gear Stories – Mark’s Guitar

So I acquired this guitar in 1998.  Russell from Vlor had got it when his band broke up & closed down their practice space & it had some bad mojo for him so he traded it to me for an SG with the electronics & hardware ripped out & a bottle opener mounted to it that I’d found in the trash somewhere.  The caveat of the trade was that if the owner ever showed up I’d give it back & I was fine with that.  The owner was a crackhead named Mark who’d been at one jam session at the practice space & caught his apartment on fire & left town a few days later, so I totally understood the feeling of bad mojo & the slim chance of needing to return it.  I was told none of the effects were working & that was technically true, as it needed a new battery.  Also half the neck inlays fell out when I was doing some aggressive bends & I had to glue them back in & finding a nut to hold in one of the output jacks was a real headache.  The thing is a heavy beast that hurts your shoulder when you play it punk rock stage style (the only way I know how) & I think I used it for a couple songs on the last few burMONTER live shows, I know I used it for at least one because my buddy Kirk asked me if it was made for Service Merchandise at one of the shows.  A few months later while it was sitting in my closet, the tailpiece snapped (which I’ve never even heard of happening to anyone else’s guitar, but who knows how rough of a life this thing led) & I was at a point where I was both super broke & into weird tunings, so I kept stringing it with wires instead of guitar strings & I went through a bunch of different types of wire before someone on the Oddmusic Yahoo Group turned me on to taking a clothesline & stripping the vinyl coating off & so I got these weird braided strings on the thing that don’t really sound like a guitar or a banjo that I found interesting, usually tuned with four of the strings to the same note & two a fifth higher.  It ended up the feature instrument as what I look at as the single on Vlor’s A Fire Is Meant For Burning with a song called “Wires”, but it’s generally just sat in my closet or guitar rack for years.  But a few months ago Zach from Nonconnah bought the same guitar & posted a photo of it on Facebook & though I never could figure out what it was before, I guess it’s a Kay Effector & in a couple weeks me & Zach will play both of them at a jam together based on some of their quirks.  I played with it this past week a bit & I was shocked to feel like it actually is a really fun & playable guitar that maybe deserves real strings.

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Slow But Unstoppable

So some of you may have noticed I haven’t been quite as active with certain things lately.  I haven’t been pushing promotions on things as hard.  I’ve been having some troubles getting my 20 year old design software to work properly & that makes the digital booklets & press releases a much bigger headache.  But I’m getting things done.  I got about a third of the way through a new QRD during a useful bout of insomnia.  3 5in5s just went up on Spotify & I’ll hopefully get them & maybe one or two other releases up on Spotify shortly & run promo.  & I’ll get the digital versions of the new comics available.  A lot going on & I’m going to find a way to do it all.

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Somewhat Relevant – All That We Destroy

All That We Destroy

There’s a genre of movie that I like that isn’t necessarily good, but leaves room to breathe & wonder & become immersed in their worlds.  The original Mad Max & Phantasm fit in this category as does Return of the Living Dead Part 3, all of which I would say are good movies though I get the argument that they aren’t.  I’d put All That We Destroy in the same class.  Not really sci-fi or horror or thriller or family dram or slice of life, but with elements of all of those, it’s the story of a brilliant geneticist who has developed illegal cloning technology & is trying to use it to help her son learn how not to kill people.  I’d say the acting leaves something to be desired, except I think they are playing the parts of people meant to be unlikeable & annoying.  This is the first movie I’ve intentionally watched twice in years.  Not for fans of blockbusters, but about perfect for me in a way I can’t articulate.


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It’s been a rough couple months.  While Droneuary was going, even though it wasn’t successful in certain ways (didn’t draw much attention or revenue), I didn’t have time to reflect on things as I was too busy & that can be good.  Now I’m spun back around to normal & it feels like “what’s the point to all this?”  I think part of it is that I did my annual comic convention & while it was sparsely attended (which is not uncommon) & I made few sales (which is not uncommon), there was an overwhelming of lack of interest.  Maybe it was because lately it’s been bundled with a family trip & usually it’s at the front end & this time it was at the backend after I was already used up from life on the road & it made it feel tedious.  Maybe it was that for various reasons most of the folks I see at the convention that I only run into once a year weren’t there.  Maybe it’s the reality of how tedious & unfulfilling my day job is.  I don’t know, it’s rare I’m excited & hopeful about anything any more & I really need that in life.  I feel like I’m just surviving & simply put, that’s not enough.  I guess that’s enough self-pity.  I’ll try to get back to work for a bit & hopefully the ability to work is joyful enough.

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N=D Naked Lunch by William Burroughs

Naked Lunch

If you read the last review I did of Junky, you probably know I haven’t read Burroughs in a few decades before listening to Junky at work last month & now I just finished listening to an audio book of Naked Lunch (fun fact – title comes from mis-reading of the phrase “naked lust”).  I imagine I read this book in one or two settings when an intoxicated teen & my memory of it is near lost & blended with the Cronenberg movie & so many of Burroughs other publications that had similar passages re-worked.  But this is of course his most known work & so I feel necessary for me to re-visit.

So for me the best parts of this book are the re-workings of Junky & I had completely forgotten the long bizarre sexual fantasy scenes & even now they are nearly forgotten again because I didn’t find them particularly interesting.  I do feel that this in the end was way more influential to me as a writer & artist than Junky with its stream of consciousness style & lack of characterization or traditional literary devices in favor of creation of surreal & dream-like scenes.  So much of my writing is inspired by my dreams & I really think this might be where that dream obsession started, either here or the origin story of the writing of Frankenstein or the stories of Joseph’s dream interpretations in Genesis – all of which probably became apparent to me in the same era when I was starting my initial attempt at becoming an un-understood experimental writer instead of my current era where the inaccessible nature of my writing to anyone but me is fully satisfying.  So at any rate I guess I do recommend this book to anyone who has ever thought about it, though I’m not sure calling it a novel is accurate as much as an exposure to the inside of another’s mind, a mind of an addict looking for transcendence through new experiences whether drugs or sex or adventures in police states & fears of police states.

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N=D Junky by William S Burroughs

William S Burroughs - Junky

It’s been a long time since I wrote a piece for Nostalgia Equals Distortion or any review in general or even a blog entry at this point.  Life’s been busy & my workload from my jobs (including Siber) has been pretty heavy.  At any rate at one of my jobs I can listen to audiobooks occasionally & generally I listen to old sci-fi radio.  But I’ve been working on & off on some comic scripts inspired by Burroughs & leaving people voicemails doing an impression of him & then my wife re-read Junky last August, so I’ve been thinking about it & when I stumbled on it being read by Burroughs himself I thought that sounded like a match for my life.

So I originally read this when I was 16 or so & generally speaking I haven’t read much Burroughs since my early 20s (hard to believe it’s 20 years ago), but he’s always been dear to me (I actually had sent him a copy of my first book of short stories shortly before his death (never heard back, but that’s okay)).  Since I’d read a lot of his books together in a swoop, I didn’t really have specific memories of this book versus a lot of his other drug addled works, but my wife assured me it was one of his best & I imagine it’s true.  I can’t separate this book from my own drug biography & it’s hard to know how influential it was to me as a teen.

At any rate, on the revisiting there are some things I noticed.  There interestingly seems to be no characterization or development & it just comes across as facts & feels intimately personal, but given that it seems it would only be of interest to someone interested in Burroughs himself (which I am).  It was interesting to note how little somethings have changed in the decades since this was written, like the complaint about selling weed sucks because all the buyers want to be your buddy & smoke with you & who wants to hang out with them?  There were a couple subtle reveal moments that I found interesting, three quarters of the way through the book it’s revealed he’s married (which is hard to fathom with all of the content of the book) & around the same point it’s somewhat revealed that he’s got a significant safety net in life.  But for me the most interesting thing was the final bit where he reveals his junky journey is as a psychonaut on a quest for enlightenment through substance abuse with a hope to find the truth in a drug used by indians in South America & that it’s impossible for him to ever be clean as long as there’s something that offers that hope for transcendence & I think it’s safe to say this was true for him his whole life & maybe would’ve been true for me if I’d had the resources & lack of responsibilities to allow it.

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New Drones & Sounds from Yellow6, Luka Fisher, Konbanwa, Chvad SB, Petridisch, Nebh, CNSNNT, & Klator


You probably know the end of the year is coming soon & that means Christmas, so this should be the newsletter where I talk about our Christmas releases, but instead you’ll get that one next week, because we have a ton of other stuff to tell you about first.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been really bad about getting the word out about new releases.  There are 8 that have been soft released on Spotify & I just put them up on Bandcamp & they’re up on the frontpage of the Silber site now – – & maybe by the time you read this I’ll have made the individual streaming pages for them (if not listen on Bandcamp – or Spotify – ) & hopefully I’ll get the promo emails & posts sent out by the end of the weekend.  So here’s the list & a little info:

5in5 series (artists facing the challenge of creating 5 pieces with a total runtime of 5 minutes)
Klator: Mosaic – Klator is an analog spacetronica side venture for Third Of Never guitarist/founder Jon Dawson. Mosaic is a 5 minute soundtrack for space travel & sci-fi romance.

Nebh: Black Heaven – Nebh is dark drone. Minimalist laments in the vein of Harold Budd.  The sound of abandoned cities left to decay in the open desert plains.  This is heaven & it’s black & empty & lonely.

CNSNNT: 5in5 – CNSNNT is minimalist, dark ambient, proto-techno with field recordings.  Spend five minutes in another’s dreams.

Petridisch: 5 in 5 – Somewhere between the soundtracks of John Carpenter & the songs with pop sensibility from horror anime is the musical work of Petridisch.  Lament, a need for knowledge, a sense of peace, the desires of a reluctant monster heroine performed by a Vocaloid named Hatsune Miku.  Enjoy five minutes from the future.

Luka Fisher: Internecine Vampires – Luka Fisher returns to Silber with a new set of explorations into drone & sound.

Konbanwa: Live Flaying – Led by Rowland Yeargan, Konbanwa is a project of loose composition & lots of improvisation.  On Live Flaying Yeargan asked collaborators to show up with cymbals & like-minded instruments while Yeargan himself played simple synthesizer, floor tom, & cymbal. The result is a sound that mixes world music with no wave, eastern hypnotics with noise, drone with gamelan.  Let the sonic waves shimmer over you.  Free download on Bandcamp!

Yellow6: Reflect – “Whenever you reach a milestone, it’s natural to reflect. Reflect on the past, your achievements, the possible futures.  In 1998 the first Yellow6 record was released, two sides of a 7” single totaling about nine minutes of music. Twenty years on, comes Reflect – a set of thirty-two pieces & five & a half hours of music.  Not a retrospective, best of, or greatest hits that you would expect to mark this anniversary, but essentially five albums worth of new music. For long time fans, Reflect showcases the process & creativity of Yellow6, for newcomers it’s a perfect opportunity to here a project continuing to explore & find new sounds after two decades.

Chvad SB: Intone Drone – For decades Chvad SB has been following his own muse, creating music that fulfills his personal interests & so he does again in his latest exploration Intone Drone.  Beginning January 17, 2018 & continued for 15 hours every weeknight after 5pm EST streaming from his studio to whomever happened upon it via Shoutcast, Chvad was sculpting a new drone piece. Each passing day a new element was either introduced into, removed from or changed within the drone. Three weeks later the drone ended.  Unsure at the beginning of the project how long it would last, on the 21st day it felt complete. For this release, segments of each 15 hour day were arranged to create a complete remnant for this first installment of Intone Drone.  It’s the mixture of meditation & sleep soundtrack you didn’t realize you were looking for, because the more personal & necessary to be made music is, somehow the more universal it also is.

What else have we got going on?  We launched what is supposed to be a multiple person dream journaling group for the month of December on Facebook at  We’re going to have some Christmas EPs next week from Electric Bird Noise, Remora, Small Life Form, Yellow6, & Nonconnah.  & starting in January is the project I’ve been working on for several months (maybe years depending on how you calculate things) called Droneuary that will be a new hit drone single by a different artist every day for as long as I can keep it going (may last until March).  Also I did an interview about Silber for the “Hey, How’s It Going” podcast – – if you are interested in hearing me talk about the label for an hour.

Thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell

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Stan Lee, RIP

So Stan Lee died. Over the last ten years or so there’s been a lot of animosity about him having stolen more credit than he deserved; but in general I’ve always kinda sided that his position as editor, publisher, & curator as well as writer/co-creator of the characters made his side of the argument sensible.
But the thing that really makes him interesting to me is if you look at the story of his creativity, it seems he spent his time from age 17-39 hacking away in the comic industry learning his craft & gaining competence at it & exploded on the scene in 1962 with 10 years as one of the hardest working creatives with writing credit on around 600 comics during that period & since then I’d guess he has “only done” 100 comics while spending a lot of time as curator/ambassador/exploiter of his work & the comics medium in general.
I was born in 1975, so by the time I could read Stan Lee was long retired & just a legend & I’m not sure I actually read anything from his classic era until I was in my 30s & read the first 25 issues of The Avengers. I was shocked by the quality & how much I could relate to Captain America (a character I assumed represented everything dumb about America) as a guy feeling isolated & alone in a world that no longer needed him going on quasi-suicidal quests to defeat evil. A broken hero, which I guess is what Stan Lee made popular in the 1960s with Spider-Man & The Hulk & The Fantastic Four & the rest of the Marvel pantheon that have generally been watered down over the decades since Stan let them be taken over by other creators & compromised to be more marketable for kids’ cartoons. So go back & read some of his work. I have a couple of romance comics he did during the 1950s in my reading stack & I hope they’re just as great as the stuff he was doing with super heroes in the 1960s.
So thanks Stan, not just for creating a beloved world of characters that may last as long as Shakespeare’s, but also for letting us know that you can hit your creative peak in your 40s & when you want to walk away from it, that that’s okay too.

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Newsletter & New News

Hey Kidz,

I’m running behind on a lot of things & there’s so much going on I want to go ahead & get the word out about some of them before I forget.

First of all there is a bunch of new music & I am running behind on creating the press releases & all that so they aren’t available on the Silber site or Bandcamp yet, but you can listen to them streaming on Spotify now & I’ll tell you more about their droney goodness next time:

So I have a few new weird audio things of my own that have come out places other than Silber recently. A group of recordings I did on a microcassette recorder for Veduin Hiss – – that I found really artistically fulfilling to take part in though the listener’s mileage may vary! I was interviewed & did a couple of spoken word pieces for a podcast called Spoken Label – – hopefully I didn’t sound too stupid. Finally I appear via text message on the episode of Gutter Trash about the comic (& now TV show) The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina –

Here in October I’ve been taking part in the sketch-a-day Inktober thing & I’ve really enjoyed it. The push for me to spend a few minutes a day doing something artistic & feeling like it somehow makes me part of a community. So with that in mind I am launching Dreamcember in December. Basically keeping a dream journal for a month. I made a Facebook group about it if you want to join in telling your dreams or just reading other people’s. I think of the couple thousand pages of vaguely fictional prose writing I’ve done over the years 80% of it is based on dreams & I find real joy & wisdom keeping the dream journal & occasionally reading an entry from decades ago, so I kinda want to help other people get the experience. Anyway, here’s the link:

Speaking of month long projects, in January we’ll be launching Droneuary, which will be a drone release a day for as long as it lasts. I’ve been really pleased by the amount of interest in the project & already feel like it’s a success for me personally regardless of sales & press (same goes for the 5in5 series – which you can listen to on Spotify to help it rain pennies around here – Lycia, Baptizer, Nonconnah, Ocean in a Bottle, Llarks, & more already have tracks in with interest from a lot of other folks. It’s going to be fun.

If you haven’t already heard, there are a couple new releases out from longtime Silber friends Lycia & Rivulets. Worth your time to check out as always:
Lycia –
Rivulets –

Thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell

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