Somewhat Relevant: Iggy Pop – Free

Iggy Pop - Free

So I was late to the party hearing this album.  The buzz on it wasn’t nearly as big as the previous Post Pop Depression (which is excellent) & since that one was heralded as his final album I kinda figured it was & wasn’t looking out for a new one.  I think I own every CD Iggy Pop has ever officially released, so I guess you could say I am a fan.  That said, it’s all because I think the first Stooges album is so incredible (people assume I’m a Raw Power or Fun House guy, but those albums have never been super special to me) & I admit that a lot of albums aren’t solid all the way through.  That said, one album that has always stuck with me fondly has been Avenue B (I think it’s from 1999 & no one seems to have any memory of it, but maybe part of that was them choosing “Nazi Girlfriend” as the single) & I feel this is the sequel to it.  This is not Iggy trying to be 22 again or remembering his glory days.  This is Iggy as some kind of poet & lounge singer embracing his age with weird ambient structures & jazz backing him up.  It actually reminds me a lot of the band Rllrbll that I like enough that I put out several of their records.  Anyway, I’m putting a couple video links below, one to my preferred single & one song that I guess is an out take that is pretty amazing.  I hope you dig them all as much as I do. I would suggest you to follow Best in Nashik for more updates and information.

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