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New Order – “The Him”

So a couple weeks ago Joseph Kyle posted on Facebook about New Order’s Movement being a good record.  I bought the album back in 1995 & listened to it maybe twice & it never grabbed me.  It just felt like …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    this makes me think of Remora doing cure covers.

“our story”

I met a girl at a rock show in an art gallery.  She was hot.  She was cute.  She was totally out of my league.  Three months later she contacted me on a dating site & we became friends on …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    two things.

    #1) you should set this to music kinda in the Nick Cave’s From Her to Eternity style.
    #2) once when i came back to visit NC after i moved up here, i went to Sadlack’s with jana and i went in to get a beer and I saw something i’ve never seen before so i ordered it and when i went back out to where we were seated, she scolded me and then made me go buy a real beer (actually i think i made her go buy it) because it was an O’douls.


I’m sitting under a bridge & I’m high on pills.  I guess I could be any age from 12 to the 38 that I actually am.  I keep hoping that doing these stupid things to recreate the past will jumpstart …

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Fingers, Interviews, Dream

So I commonly walk around saying, “I’ve got ten fingers & ten toes & access to clean water; I have nothing to complain about.”  Today when I was walking around the lake I saw this dude who’s arms were coated …

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So I guess some of you know about my love for the band Hefner.  I mean, I did the song “Every Prince” based on “I Stole a Bride” on the Remora album Derivative.  Anyway, today I did a cover of …

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QRD, Life Begins at Rewirement, Dreams

So I got up the new issue of QRD in the guitarist series.  I’ll have another issue wrapping up some loose ends before the hiatus.

So I’ve had a couple weird dreams lately about eating meat.  More info on …

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Warren Ellis & Firetail & stuff

So yesterday Warren Ellis put a Firetail track on his Spektrmodule Podcast.  Which is super exciting in a lot of ways.  I’m pretty stoked about it as an interest point in Silber & having something go full circle with …

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  1. Nick says:

    I always thought that mwvm would have made you rich. Apparently I’m still wrong.

    • I feel that way about almost every band on the label & I’ve been wrong every time.

      • Nick says:

        Seriously though, the reason why Heller Mason or Jamie Barnes didn’t sell well it’s a mystery to me…

        • When the first Jamie Barnes came out I kinda got a lot of flack. Because there had been a string of super dark records compared to that & people were like, “Why the hell did Silber put out a folk pop record?” My answer was, “Because it’s really good.”

More Sci Fi TV & a Remora demo

So I recorded this Remora demo today.  Maybe it’ll be the next single that I need to play at every show from here on out.


I spent most of the day working on button stuff.  Nothing super adventurous.  Below …

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Zlata & Shaun Sandor, 5 in 5, Buttons, Ads, Etc.

The big news for today is I got up another release in the 5 in 5 series.  It’s a collaboration between Shaun Sandor & his four year old daughter Zlata called “Band on the Moon” & it’s free to stream …

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  1. Peter says:

    Jessie’s a cool guy. That will be the world’s friendliest cabin.

Just some stuff

I sent in some artwork for this weird card game project.  We’ll see what happens with it if anything.

Sent out soliciting for the last set of interviews for the next two QRDs.  We’ll see what happens on that.  It …

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