Remora Demos

So for those of you who don’t know, I like to record these really rough demos & get people’s opinions on them before working on a record.  I mean, I wouldn’t even call these things songs as much as ideas, most are just a few seconds long.  These were recorded on my phone over the past year & a half & then I recorded them using the mic built into my laptop this morning (because I just wanted to get them done, not spend the day setting up to properly record).  Anyway, if any of the pieces seem like they’re interesting & I should pursue those ones in particular, let me know.  Some of them are fairly religious & some are quasi-suicidal (most of 2012 was pretty rough, 2013 seems like it might turn out okay), just as a warning to people offended by such things. Mostly it’s narrative song fragments & just voice, which is not how they will end up in final versions. Please comment & tell me where to go from here.










































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2 Responses to Remora Demos

  1. Jeremy Bennett says:

    Listening through these was the highlight of my Thursday night.

    I comment as I listen below so I hope I don’t say things over and over, but I’m just popping out what I think as I hear through them.

    I especially liked Curtain, Blessed by the Light, and as silly as it is… ‘car starting noise’… :)

    Please put music to Blessed by the Light… and you seriously need to put some music to ‘Forks and Knives’ – Good stuff man.

    Impersonate an Angel is pretty amazing… but I’m a bit confused about it, if there’s more words to it – I wanna know where it goes if anywhere…

    Inaudible is a great minimalist tune. Love it.

    I survive – with some music could be pretty epic.

    I like the tune to ‘let me be dead’, but it just feels like a depressed outcry… but the melody – I do really like.

    Lord of All – of course I like that… you know me ;p

    Mandolin = good tune ;p

    Move to the Desert with music will be a total blast… please add some so I can hear what you come up with on this :)

    Nickel sounds like a guitar being played with a nickel as a pick… I may be wrong, but this I do like.

    ‘Can you kill me?’ – love the idea, but feels a bit too depressing… but that’s prolly just me.

    No Alibis could be a main track on something in my mind.

    Not ready for rejoicing is good stuff… nice words/sentiment.

    Prayer & fasting, I really like the tune/melody on this.

    Remind me of my girl ^ seems like it could fit together with prayer & fasting, but of course that wouldnt make sense, but the tune/melody flowed well between the two…

    Slightly out would be nice with some minimalist percussion noises, a clang here, or chime there possibly.

    Something wrong = good idea, awesome tune :)

    Tie my shoes together… this confused me, but also was very interesting, and I like the tune.

    Towns = good stuff.

    Trying and failing, I know what this is like. I wanted to hear more… I like the surprise leap in energy and volume when you screamed and was a bit sad it was over at that.

    Unravel + light musical sounds would be magical.

    Where I’m Going, would be good in my mind with a typical rock band setup – drums and all that.

    I didn’t comment on everything, but on most. Those I didn’t comment on I still see some potential there, but nothing leapt to my mind as I listened to those. I know my feedback is just suggestions and impressions, but hopefully some of my thoughts on this can be of some benefit.

    Keep it up man, and God Bless :)