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Waves & Demos

So I got out the first wave of promo emails for the new releases done, I might get it all done by Friday.  It’s kinda depressing right now as the response ratio is so low.  I totally understand it as …

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  1. Nick says:

    The secret: putting hot redhead pics on the artwork.

Remora Demos

So for those of you who don’t know, I like to record these really rough demos & get people’s opinions on them before working on a record.  I mean, I wouldn’t even call these things songs as much as ideas, …

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  1. Jeremy Bennett says:

    Listening through these was the highlight of my Thursday night.

    I comment as I listen below so I hope I don’t say things over and over, but I’m just popping out what I think as I hear through them.

    I especially liked Curtain, Blessed by the Light, and as silly as it is… ‘car starting noise’… :)

    Please put music to Blessed by the Light… and you seriously need to put some music to ‘Forks and Knives’ – Good stuff man.

    Impersonate an Angel is pretty amazing… but I’m a bit confused about it, if there’s more words to it – I wanna know where it goes if anywhere…

    Inaudible is a great minimalist tune. Love it.

    I survive – with some music could be pretty epic.

    I like the tune to ‘let me be dead’, but it just feels like a depressed outcry… but the melody – I do really like.

    Lord of All – of course I like that… you know me ;p

    Mandolin = good tune ;p

    Move to the Desert with music will be a total blast… please add some so I can hear what you come up with on this :)

    Nickel sounds like a guitar being played with a nickel as a pick… I may be wrong, but this I do like.

    ‘Can you kill me?’ – love the idea, but feels a bit too depressing… but that’s prolly just me.

    No Alibis could be a main track on something in my mind.

    Not ready for rejoicing is good stuff… nice words/sentiment.

    Prayer & fasting, I really like the tune/melody on this.

    Remind me of my girl ^ seems like it could fit together with prayer & fasting, but of course that wouldnt make sense, but the tune/melody flowed well between the two…

    Slightly out would be nice with some minimalist percussion noises, a clang here, or chime there possibly.

    Something wrong = good idea, awesome tune :)

    Tie my shoes together… this confused me, but also was very interesting, and I like the tune.

    Towns = good stuff.

    Trying and failing, I know what this is like. I wanted to hear more… I like the surprise leap in energy and volume when you screamed and was a bit sad it was over at that.

    Unravel + light musical sounds would be magical.

    Where I’m Going, would be good in my mind with a typical rock band setup – drums and all that.

    I didn’t comment on everything, but on most. Those I didn’t comment on I still see some potential there, but nothing leapt to my mind as I listened to those. I know my feedback is just suggestions and impressions, but hopefully some of my thoughts on this can be of some benefit.

    Keep it up man, and God Bless :)

War of the Worlds, Press Releases, Demos, Radio, Etc….

So lately I’ve been watching the War of the Worlds TV series on YouTube.  You can read my review of it over on Nostalgia Equals Distortion.

I got done a draft of the mwvm press release for the new …

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