Remora stuff

So I’ve been doing some more work towards recording a bit the past couple of days while practicing for show this weekend.  I ran into a problem today with my computer acting weird about recording giving these weird static peaks.  I had the problem a couple days when I was down recording in Savannah & it mysteriously solved itself, but I worked around the issue a bit in what I think is a semi-satisfactory if less than ideal way.  Trying to track down the problem so I can fix it forever.  So here you go… two new ones & a classic revisited….



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2 Responses to Remora stuff

  1. Nick Marino says:

    Great tunes! I really dig Dance Anthem 116.

    • Thanks sir! “Dance Anthem 116″ was done using the Little Drummer Boy software mainly because of my soundcard issues (I wrote it on my keyboard, but it was easier to remake the thing with the software than figure out what is wrong with the electricity). I think you might dig that software. It’s from the 1990s & it changed from shareware to freeware a couple of years ago.