Breaking Stuff

So a while ago I was trying to figure out somethings about how to play with video in a primitive analog way (not using a computer) & I noticed that my Kaosspad had RCA jacks just like the video RCA jack coming out of my DVD player.  So today I decided to finally check it out.  Plugged the Kaosspad into the line & it didn’t give any signal at all on most of the patches & the ones that did just delivered a black screen with white lines & such not relating to the image going in.  So I found some cables to convert an RCA to quarter inch & figured I’d try out the same idea through a Behringer pedal I don’t really care about.  Similar results.  Now the whole reason I even own this pedal is because it has stereo output jacks, which means you can plug it into itself to make it feedback on itself & control it as a super-simple-synthesizer, so I figured I’d see what happens with that for a video signal.  The results were the same black screen with some lines only I noticed a red light flashing on my RF Modulator (my TV is old & can’t take the modern inputs, so I have a little adapter box).  I guess I fried the thing.  Which is fine I guess, I don’t really use the TV too much anyway except for trying to make weird video stuff.  Anyway, the moral of my story is that shit didn’t work out & it burnt out some equipment & I guess that’s why I never see people doing weird stuff using pedals & video projectors at shows.  If anyone has tips towards making what I’m talking about trying to do possible let me know.  Or if you have an RF Modulator that has RCA inputs on it that you don’t need anymore & want to mail me, let me know about that too.

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