Ten or so days….

So I hope you all are doing well.  I’m hitting my, “Holy cow have I got a lot to do & a little time to do it in” spot in life right now.  In about a week I go out of town with The Independents for six weeks.  In two days my comic Kickstarter ends (please check out the stretch goals & post about it if you can, if I make it to 200 backers, everyone gets a 30 digital issues subscription) which means making a lot of mini-comics.  I’m supposed to have a recording session this week for the new Unspeakable Forces.   I’ve got a Remora show on Friday.  Getting in some interviews for QRD.   I’ve got a bunch of stuff to prep for Silber releases (mainly re-issues).  I just got in orders for 300 buttons.  I think that’s all that’s going on, but I can’t be certain, below is related news.

So I guess the big news is I hung out with Low most of the weekend & did a recording session with Alan.  It will probably be a few months before anything with that comes to a point where I have time to work on it.

In other name dropping news, Darin DePaolo of Unspeakable Forces spent the weekend hanging out with Dave Mustaine.  So we’ll definitely have some stuff to talk about during the recording sessions.

Some of you may remember that I recorded an album for Philip Polk Palmer last September.  It will be coming out on Silber in the not too distant future.  We’ll also be making a couple videos for it.

My Kickstarter got some more press, this time from Comic Related.  Chuck Moore at CR is one of the four people that are the reason I continue to make comics (the other three are Dave Sim, Jason Young, & Melissa Spence Gardner) & without his interest & support, I’m not sure where I’d be.

So far the next QRD is set to include Jamie Barnes, Jason Young, Mike VanPortfleet, Ben Vendetta, & candy reviews (featuring video footage!).  If I can get questions done, there will be other folks too.  I’ll probably end up putting that issue out while I’m on the road given everything else happening this week.  In related news, on the road I also plan to be working on the ebook series & soliciting interviews for the upcoming touring musician & drummer interview series for QRD.  Going to be no dead time for me on the road.

Those curious what will be up for the Silber music coming up hopefully by the end of the year… Re-issues from If Thousands, Electric Bird Noise, & Rllrbll5 in 5 EPs from Carl Kruger, Yellow6, & Sarah June.  New music from Philip Polk Palmer, Rllrbll, If Thousands, From Oceans to Autumn, Space Sweeper (Brian McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise, Brian John Mitchell of Remora, Ted Johnson of Tesla Recoils), & Unspeakable Forces.  From the vault recording collections from The Undermasks & Remora.

Over the weekend I wrote a comic for an anthology Joe Badon is putting together (he has an unrelated Kickstarter here about his own artbook).  It’s pretty exciting to be asked to participate in something with a lot of people you admire rather than submitting to something like that & never hearing back about it.

Just so this post is a little less boring.  Here’s an OvO video.

Last Night’s Dream:
Traffic has gotten so bad in town that a friend of mine has started running a taxi service via hot air balloon.  When I’m riding in it a wind kicks up blowing hard enough that the whole balloon goes sideways & starts to deflate.  My friend’s trying to regain control as we plummet, but there’s really no hope.  Just before we smash into the ground, the balloon gets caught in some powerlines & so we survive & get out as the balloon catches fire.

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3 Responses to Ten or so days….

  1. Lullabier says:

    So…there will be a sequel to “Solo guitar”?

  2. Joe Badon says:

    Thanks for the shout out ye brethren :)