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Chvad SB, Dreams, & a million other things

The big Silber news is we have a new release about to come out (we are currently taking pre-orders) from new signee Chvad SB of Things Outside the Skin & Controlled Bleeding.  Spread the word about it if you can.…

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There & back again

Back from the tour with Irata.  It was a blast.  There will probably be a bit of videos from it going up eventually as well.

A lot of work that had not been completed because of not being at …

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Ten or so days….

So I hope you all are doing well.  I’m hitting my, “Holy cow have I got a lot to do & a little time to do it in” spot in life right now.  In about a week I go out …

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3 Responses to Ten or so days….

  1. Lullabier says:

    So…there will be a sequel to “Solo guitar”?

  2. Joe Badon says:

    Thanks for the shout out ye brethren :)

Comics, ULK, Unspeakable Forces, QRD, & Irata

So I’m finally done with most of what I can do to promote my Kickstarter campaign for making my next 20 comics.  Made a couple of ads, posted it in newsgroups, contacted press folks, sent out a newsletter, & …

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Newsletter, Unspeakable Forces, Downloads

I wrote up & sent out the Silber monthly newsletter.  If you didn’t get it, you can read it over here.

Last night I met up with Darin DePaolo (Unspeakable Forces) & we talked about doing some …

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One Response to Newsletter, Unspeakable Forces, Downloads

  1. Nick says:

    Honestly I think that mwvm will still be on top. Hope I’m wrong though.

QRD, Google, Small Life Form, Panthan, Unspeakable Forces, Dreams

So I got an email from Google today saying my Adsense account is suspended for suspicious activities.  To be honest I feel like it has had suspicious activities as well because it went from earning about $5 a month to …

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2 Responses to QRD, Google, Small Life Form, Panthan, Unspeakable Forces, Dreams

  1. Godsmakk says:

    ever consider combining all the blogs into one like how the print version of qrd had different sections it interview/review/wtf ever?

    • Well, the reason I made the N=D & FCIO blogs separate was because my intention was (& still is) not to have me as the main contributor. I mean, it worked for the first couple of months as far as me not making half the content & I’d love things to change around so that it was like that again. I don’t know, it gets weird in that the Silber Blog really is only for the hardcore Silber fans & the other blogs are for fans of general pop culture or whatever. I don’t know. For a while I thought about putting the dreams in a separate blog or the comics, but I’m keeping those in for sure, just because it’s more trouble. The hope with the other blogs is that eventually they’ll drive traffic to Silber or make ad revenue when people read a review of a Bangles record.