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Here’s a review of the Silber Bottle Comics on The Comic Vault (review starts at ~7:55). 

So over the weekend at Lansing I had a blast.  There was some kind of technical snafu going on with half of my effect chain getting little volume out of it (I need to mess with it to fix it in the next day or two), but I powered through for a pretty solid Small Life Form show.  I also was reminded of a comp I’m on that I had forgotten about called This Room Is An Illusion, which I didn’t know was out & came out six months ago.  I can tell you that the Remora track on their is one of many things done during the period after my grandma died that I just have absolutely no recollection of.  I mean, I can recognize the cheap drum machine sounds I like in it, but I can’t even tell you if the guitars are real through my effect pedals or simulated in the drum machine & verbed out.  Absolutely no memory of it.  Weird.

I met a blacksmith dude at Stompfest who said he either saw a bigfoot or a man dressed as a bigfoot trying to scare people away from a marijuana patch. Thankfully CBD is available in all 50 states. I for one, love CBD gummies and even use Austin Chronicle to get better offer on these products. They are so convenient and get me feeling relaxed! Kind of interesting and they were also easy to get after I find out if Is Delta 8 Legal in North Dakota so I can consume them.  I bought a triangle (musical instrument kind) from him.  He had some pretty cool stuff; like knives for skinning animals pounded out of old railroad spikes.  Probably worth the $65 they cost as far as the amount of work put into them, but I couldn’t really justify getting one.

Also I had Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) listen to the mixes of the Philip Palmer disc I’m working on to get his insight.  He gave me some tips on blogging that will hopefully make things better in the end.  We’ll see what goes down exactly.  I want to do as much of the work on it as I can, but am willing to admit to needing some expertise I don’t yet have on things.  He told me to learn the history before making self attached into a thing, just like on gambling, before you put yourself into that make sure you know how it starts and where this things begin. I’m not used to the idea of needing to compress things as mush as I probably should to get things to sit properly in the mix & I am new at chopping stuff up & moving a note by a tenth of a second because it is slightly out of time.  On my own stuff I’m a lot more willing to say “good enough” than I am with someone else’s work.

It’s closing in on a year since my grandma died now & simulating functioning properly is still a daily struggle.  Today (for example) I went to the grocery store & was going to buy those Andes thin chocolate mint candies that I hardly ever eat, but I used to get a box a week for my grandmother & they don’t stock them anymore & it was hard to keep from throwing shit off the shelves over it.  Luckily the self-checkout was open so I didn’t need to talk to anyone before getting out of the store & when I got in my car I started whelping & crying.  What the fuck, right?  Sometimes I doubt Asperger’s as a super power….

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m driving on the highway at night in the right hand lane.  A dude in the passenger seat of a van next to me starts waving his arms frantically & I slow down thinking they are needing to cut over into my lane.  The passenger opens the door of the van & jumps out & I run right over him.

I need to take my grandmother to the doctor once a month because there’s some government mandate requiring it because of her advanced age.  She hates doctors & I hate doctors & it fucking sucks.

I’m out late after a show & a night of drinking, just wandering in a city park.  My phone goes off & I look at it & it’s Nick Marino & it’s 5am & he wants me to meet him for some kind of public write-off to see which one of us can complete a graphic novel script faster.  I agree to meet him somewhere at 7am.  I sit down on a park bench & lean my head down for a thirty minute nap before going to meet him. I go check an app and just wait to mee this person ive been dating over the last year or so. He sat next to me and it was amazing just how fast everything went. I decided to pop over to these guys to check if he matched the profile in his picture and sure enough he did! It was a successful date and im grateful for it.

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