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Okay, so I decided recently that the 5 in 5 series I can only do bi-weekly.  Writing a new press release & getting it tooled every week is just a bit beyond my scope with all the things I’m trying to get done lately.  Anyway, the new installment is Drekka Soundsystem’s Spartan Dub, I hope you can take five minutes to check it out & spread the word if you dig it.

So I’ve been going to more shows lately that I’m not playing at, which usually makes me feel pretty uncomfortable with a feeling of anxiety about where my equipment is & what my definition of self is as just an audience member.  But I do realize more all the time that the music that I make & the music that I like to go to with their sparse attendance is appropriate.  People want to dance & drink & have a good time & for most people that’s about music with a beat, not an uncompromising wall of drone & noise.  I don’t need to try to convince rockers that I’m doing something good.   I don’t need to be an ambassador for the weird music, I’ll save that job for someone else & I’ll just stick in my own circle for a while.

I’ve been working on mastering a friend of mine’s record.  It has some major technical issues that I think I’m supposed to clean up in the mastering side that maybe go beyond my ability.  I recognize the problem in it, which is caused by crappy electricity powering a pedal causing weird sound issues (like a constant high end sine wave that feels like it’s trying to pierce your brain).   Trying to get it out with EQ-ing didn’t work nor did doing the phase shifting noise reduction bit because there weren’t any points just isolating the sine tone.  So I kinda feel like I’ll just deliver this one as a freebie since I’m not particularly happy with it.  I guess I can’t always win.

So my Kickstarter for Remora shirts ends today.  It was a pretty major fail, only two orders.  So I’m not making the shirts.  At least I’m not stuck with 50 shirts for a couple of years as I would have been if I hadn’t gone through Kickstarter to find out there was no interest.

The end of the year is coming & I’m trying to get a bunch of paperwork done & get things figured out for my plans through the next few months.  The price of shipping goes up next month, so I’m going to have to go through & do some price increases on the site.  So you’ve been warned….

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