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For the past twenty years or so now I’ve been thinking about buying one of those portable digital multi-trackers.  Well, I finally bit the bullet & bought one.  I like the idea of being able to record with something that feels more like a four-track than a computer & then I can use the computer for final mixing & stuff like that.  Part of it too is that I can take it with me & work on things while traveling easily.  & it’s battery powered so I can go back to recording in drainage tunnels like it’s 1993.  We’ll see if it is the thing that is going to push me to actually start working on music again or just me wasting some more money.

I went through & did the promo for the web-contact (as opposed to email) folks for the current crop of mini-comics.  We’ll see what happens.  Things have been pretty disconcerting for me as far as my ability to get coverage the past couple of years.  I feel like the world is changing a bit & I’m staying the same.

I got the approval of the script for ULK #14.  Hoping to get it laid out & sent to Nate in the next day or two.

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2 Responses to Recorders & Comics

  1. hi brian says:

    i feel like bloggers/zines etc. . want to tell you what’s good and interesting but take offense at others telling them what’s good and interesting. I also am under the impression that the people in these key positions mostly have horrible tastes. whatchya gonna do.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right. It’s kinda like how sometimes a girlfriend has no interest in seeing a movie that you’d both be into unless it’s her idea. Which I am sure I’m guilty of on my side too.