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Droneuary & more

I’ve been really stressed out lately with some things going wrong, but I’m doing my best to keep upbeat.  Some of you may know there’s been an on again/off again problem with my email host getting my messages marked as …

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Low lately

I saw Low the other night.  They were great.  I feel like 12 years ago or so I saw them about twice a year, but their touring schedule & my life schedule has made seeing them much less common.  Somehow …

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  1. TripleP says:

    Thanks for the review. It has been many more years for me since I saw them at the 40 Wstt. Do you think he was using a real low wattage tube amp?

Silber August Newsletter

I hope all is well.  Things are rough here at Silber, but we are still getting things done & have some news for you.

QRD #74 First off we have a new issue of QRD.  Over 25 interviews with guitarists, bass players,

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Ten or so days….

So I hope you all are doing well.  I’m hitting my, “Holy cow have I got a lot to do & a little time to do it in” spot in life right now.  In about a week I go out …

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3 Responses to Ten or so days….

  1. Lullabier says:

    So…there will be a sequel to “Solo guitar”?

  2. Joe Badon says:

    Thanks for the shout out ye brethren :)

Nik Furious, 5 in 5, Lost Kisses, Low, Buttons

Okay, so first the big news is that we have a new installment in the 5 in 5 series.  It’s Nik Furious: Super Wet.  It’s got a video game funk vibe or something like that, it’s free to listen …

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Bikers, Low, Cerebus TV, Dreams

Yesterday I went to a biker rally because a money blues band that has Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) & Drew Jacobs (SAVAS) was playing.  It was interesting.  Very few bikers under 30 (it was a Harley based event) & …

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Remora, Barcodes, Low

Practiced for the Remora show tomorrow with the guitar & effects plugged & ran into some kind of “no sound coming out” problem that eventually magically started to work.  I think it’s my ABY box that I stepped on the …

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Comic Scripts, Low, Mead, Dream

I got the paperwork part of the royalties for this quarter done, just got to get the checks out.  Hope to get the invoices out to distros in the next couple days & then I’ll be caught up on paperwork …

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