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I’ve been really stressed out lately with some things going wrong, but I’m doing my best to keep upbeat.  Some of you may know there’s been an on again/off again problem with my email host getting my messages marked as spam & I found a mild work around, I’m not really sure if it works or not as I’m still getting relatively little interest in the newest batch of releases; but I know when I look at my allegedly music-centric feed on Facebook I see a lot more about politics & TV shows than music these days, so it may not have anything to do with that or me personally, just be a change of times.

So anyway, I formally announced my Droneuary project last week (it’s different than my original vision from 5 years ago, this one is a drone from a different artist each day) & while I don’t have many tracks in as yet, I have gotten enough promises to fill up January & move into February.  We’ll see what happens.

Thought I should post it here since some of you might be interested that there’s a new album from Low out that is getting pretty good reviews & while I’m not so sure it’s their best album (I’m still stuck on Drums & Guns) it is definitely towards the top of their catalog.  In similar news, Lycia has a new album that’s available for pre-order over at Projekt.  In other similar news I hear that there’s a new Aarktica in the mixing process currently.  In more personal similar news, I cut up & mastered the micro-cassette recordings I did a while back for the label that is putting it out (I’m really not sure what anyone will think of it, but the process has been very inspiring to me & based on it I’m thinking about finally launching the “Silber Special Product” sub-label with a series called “demo demons” where a band/artist does twenty minutes of lo-fi demos – for me that’s the most fun part of music & what I have the most inclination for at this point in my life.).

I guess most people know that a hurricane went through my state.  Most people I know didn’t really get much damage.  However the place my parents got at the beach ten years ago took a pretty big hit & it’s having a pretty big impact on my parents’ mental health, which in turn is having an impact on my mental health.  Years ago when I was taking care of my grandmother (changing diapers & all that) my mother said she didn’t want me to end up taking care of her because nobody should have to do that multiple times in their life, but the reality of it all is closing in now & I think it’s becoming more clear that there’s not going to be anyone else around to do the heavy lifting & I don’t know how it can be done by me with a wife & daughter.  We’ll see how it all goes down & I’ll try not to overthink it & just let things flow & keep doing as much as I have the energy for with family, Silber, QRD, Remora, Small Life Form, the mini-comics, & everything else.  Thank you all for continued interest & support over the years.

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