Remora, Barcodes, Low

Practiced for the Remora show tomorrow with the guitar & effects plugged & ran into some kind of “no sound coming out” problem that eventually magically started to work.  I think it’s my ABY box that I stepped on the LED a couple years ago & it pushed into the body & may or may not have cracked the circuit board.  These songs are for the full band line-up & some of them just don’t work for me solo & so I hope I like them better at the show.

I wrote up the onesheets for stores/distros for the new releases today.  I guess I need to go ahead & solicit.

I found some random cool things online today.
(1) Here’s a webpage that makes barcodes out of whatever you want to type in.  So you can get a barcode that says your name & scan it at the store & it’ll say “Remora – product not found” or whatever.
(2) Here’s a website about making an old TV into a weird oscilloscope/images reacting to sound thing.  Of course I’m way too scared to try it.  Some people have made some where they just convert the tv speakers into mics & I kinda want one, but what would I do with it?  Hard to justify the space in my house.
(3) Here’s a video of Low covering “Africa” by Toto.

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