Nik Furious, 5 in 5, Lost Kisses, Low, Buttons

Okay, so first the big news is that we have a new installment in the 5 in 5 series.  It’s Nik Furious: Super Wet.  It’s got a video game funk vibe or something like that, it’s free to listen to or a buck to buy, so check it out & you let me know what it sounds like.  Nik Furious is actually Nick Marino who I sometimes do comics & podcasts with & he wrote a little behind the scenes thing about the EP you can read over here.

Spent most of the day getting Lost Kisses #24 scanned in & ready to print & all that.  I need to look in & see when the last time I sent out some comic promos & subscription fulfillments (I wait to ship three comics at once usually) as it might be time to do that again.

I got two new sets of buttons available in what I suppose will be a classic art series made from images by Leonardo Davinci & Edvard Munch.

So I’ve been pretty big on the new Low album.  They just put up this video, check it out & the new album if you haven’t already.

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