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Five songs in five minutes
Nik Furious - Super Wet Nik Furious - Super Wet
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 131
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Nik Furious has uncovered the pathway to the nexus of reality. This synth-soaked five minute album of experimental electronic funk is the key to accessing reality's control center.

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Track Listing:
Le Fever
Silber Funk pt 2

US project NIK FURIOUS is a moniker used by artist Nick Marino for some of his musical exploits. “Super Wet” is an EP from 2013, released on US label Silber Records as a part of an experimental series of EPs made under the condition 5 songs in 5 minutes.
Nick Marino’s take on this challenge is one I’d guess many would opt for when presented with such a task: Create a few shorter length pieces, and try to scavenge some time for a track or two that can be somewhat expanded. In this case it is three such shorter constructions lasting for about 30 seconds each: Unsung, a dual layered effects treated and non treated a capella voice set to an enticing rhythm. Hayze, a brief jazz-tinged and groove laden electronic surges and rhythms construction. Silber Funk Pt. 2, a funky bass motif supplemented by steady rhythms and broken down, melodic electronic surges.
Le Fever is the longest track at hand, with a minimalistic light toned electronics motif contrasted by fluctuation darker toned electronic drones set to a steady and simple beat. A construction that is highly engaging and well thought out. Brave is a slightly shorter affair, revolving around a spirited and energetic bass and drums foundation with surging light toned electronic textures on top and brief intermissions without the rhythm based foundation. Again a construction that works very well indeed.
“Super Wet” is an EP that appears to be made with quite a bit of the tongue in cheek factor present, where I guess those with an interest in compelling and fun-filled electronic music might be the ones who should know their visiting time.
~ Olav Martin Bjørnsen, House of Prog

Nik Furious has a lot of fun with ‘Super Wet’. The brief time works in his favor. Goofy sounds abound all over the place. Melodies break down in the most delightful ways. What results is a little musical offering that has plenty of spunk. Although ‘spunk’ may not quite do this level of silliness justice it is perhaps the closest one could get to explain exactly what is going on throughout this painfully brief five minute offering.
‘Unsung’ starts off with distorted cartoonish singing. A tiny wooden beat tries to keep time. Nothing really happens. ‘Hayze’ too follows a similarly loopy progression. Sporting a silly little melody though it appears to have a bit more in the way of form and structure. By comparison ‘Le Fever’ is the most developed song on the entire EP. Featuring a discernible progression and structure it simply plays around with the listener’s expectations slightly modifying the loop over and over again until the repetition becomes somewhat hypnotic. ‘Brave’ on the other hand presents an even more coherent structure closely approximating some sort of pop format. Even the beat on this track indicates a song that could potentially go on for much longer. By the finale of ‘Silber Funk Pt 2’ things get progressively more ridiculous.
Sounds are not meant to be taken seriously on the album. Rather they are ways to display a clever and eccentric form of humor. Good-natured Nik Furious knows how to have fun with structure.
~ Beachsloth