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Yesterday I went to a biker rally because a money blues band that has Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) & Drew Jacobs (SAVAS) was playing.  It was interesting.  Very few bikers under 30 (it was a Harley based event) & surprisingly no kiosks selling knives or brass knuckles.  Instead I did find a pretty cool bootleg Misfits shirt for $5.

So some of you might know about the Cerebus TV thing I occasionally post about on here.  Anyway, Dave Sim announced that the current episode is the final episode.  Not sure if he’ll ever resurrect it or if he views it as a totally failed experiment.  I do know he is in the midst of doing a lot of work with making digital versions of his content available & there’s talk of making the episode of CTV available for digital purchase at $1 a piece.

Here’s a special little documentary on Low from BYU-TV.  It’s about thirty minutes long.  A lot of review for some of us super fans, but worth watching while eating your cereal.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m in the woods & I see a girl who looks like a teenage Drew Barrymore.  I chase after her & I see her climb up a vine & into the bay of an AT-AT.  I follow her.  The bay looks literally like a bird’s nest, half of the doorway blocked by collected sticks.  I realize looking around that it is not a real AT-AT, but just a decoy with no machinery to make it move.  She’s wearing rags as tattered as my own, but hers are mainly green while mine are mainly brown.  I say to her, “So you live in the big dead dog?”

I’m walking on an abandoned pier & I see the skeleton of a shark picked clean by birds & insects.  I didn’t think sharks had bones besides teeth.

I’m in charge of a small fascistic country.  My job is to make the citizens feel safe & stable through any means necessary.

I go to a church service & feel even more lost & scared & useless than when I went in.  I drive around town looking for another service to attend, but I think this emptiness is the future.

I’m waiting at the embassy.  After I finally get in the building & am third from seeing the ambassador, someone comes up to me & gives me a package of pre-sliced mushrooms & two bell peppers.  I leave the line looking for some tofu to make a meal.  Why is tofu so hard to find lately?

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