New Drones & Sounds from Yellow6, Luka Fisher, Konbanwa, Chvad SB, Petridisch, Nebh, CNSNNT, & Klator


You probably know the end of the year is coming soon & that means Christmas, so this should be the newsletter where I talk about our Christmas releases, but instead you’ll get that one next week, because we have a ton of other stuff to tell you about first.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been really bad about getting the word out about new releases.  There are 8 that have been soft released on Spotify & I just put them up on Bandcamp & they’re up on the frontpage of the Silber site now – – & maybe by the time you read this I’ll have made the individual streaming pages for them (if not listen on Bandcamp – or Spotify – ) & hopefully I’ll get the promo emails & posts sent out by the end of the weekend.  So here’s the list & a little info:

5in5 series (artists facing the challenge of creating 5 pieces with a total runtime of 5 minutes)
Klator: Mosaic – Klator is an analog spacetronica side venture for Third Of Never guitarist/founder Jon Dawson. Mosaic is a 5 minute soundtrack for space travel & sci-fi romance.

Nebh: Black Heaven – Nebh is dark drone. Minimalist laments in the vein of Harold Budd.  The sound of abandoned cities left to decay in the open desert plains.  This is heaven & it’s black & empty & lonely.

CNSNNT: 5in5 – CNSNNT is minimalist, dark ambient, proto-techno with field recordings.  Spend five minutes in another’s dreams.

Petridisch: 5 in 5 – Somewhere between the soundtracks of John Carpenter & the songs with pop sensibility from horror anime is the musical work of Petridisch.  Lament, a need for knowledge, a sense of peace, the desires of a reluctant monster heroine performed by a Vocaloid named Hatsune Miku.  Enjoy five minutes from the future.

Luka Fisher: Internecine Vampires – Luka Fisher returns to Silber with a new set of explorations into drone & sound.

Konbanwa: Live Flaying – Led by Rowland Yeargan, Konbanwa is a project of loose composition & lots of improvisation.  On Live Flaying Yeargan asked collaborators to show up with cymbals & like-minded instruments while Yeargan himself played simple synthesizer, floor tom, & cymbal. The result is a sound that mixes world music with no wave, eastern hypnotics with noise, drone with gamelan.  Let the sonic waves shimmer over you.  Free download on Bandcamp!

Yellow6: Reflect – “Whenever you reach a milestone, it’s natural to reflect. Reflect on the past, your achievements, the possible futures.  In 1998 the first Yellow6 record was released, two sides of a 7” single totaling about nine minutes of music. Twenty years on, comes Reflect – a set of thirty-two pieces & five & a half hours of music.  Not a retrospective, best of, or greatest hits that you would expect to mark this anniversary, but essentially five albums worth of new music. For long time fans, Reflect showcases the process & creativity of Yellow6, for newcomers it’s a perfect opportunity to here a project continuing to explore & find new sounds after two decades.

Chvad SB: Intone Drone – For decades Chvad SB has been following his own muse, creating music that fulfills his personal interests & so he does again in his latest exploration Intone Drone.  Beginning January 17, 2018 & continued for 15 hours every weeknight after 5pm EST streaming from his studio to whomever happened upon it via Shoutcast, Chvad was sculpting a new drone piece. Each passing day a new element was either introduced into, removed from or changed within the drone. Three weeks later the drone ended.  Unsure at the beginning of the project how long it would last, on the 21st day it felt complete. For this release, segments of each 15 hour day were arranged to create a complete remnant for this first installment of Intone Drone.  It’s the mixture of meditation & sleep soundtrack you didn’t realize you were looking for, because the more personal & necessary to be made music is, somehow the more universal it also is.

What else have we got going on?  We launched what is supposed to be a multiple person dream journaling group for the month of December on Facebook at  We’re going to have some Christmas EPs next week from Electric Bird Noise, Remora, Small Life Form, Yellow6, & Nonconnah.  & starting in January is the project I’ve been working on for several months (maybe years depending on how you calculate things) called Droneuary that will be a new hit drone single by a different artist every day for as long as I can keep it going (may last until March).  Also I did an interview about Silber for the “Hey, How’s It Going” podcast – – if you are interested in hearing me talk about the label for an hour.

Thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell

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