Silber Newsletter – Droneuary, April Fields, Storytime Noir, & the Apocalypse


I hope you are doing well.  There’s a lot going on in the world with the viral/economic apocalypse & I’ll talk about that in a bit, but first I’ll give you the Silber news.

We finally finished Droneuary 2020 with it going all the way until March 31.  91 tracks & over 16 hours of music.  You can hear most of it on Spotify –  (a few tracks are missing for various reasons) or it’s available for free download on Bandcamp –  I know a lot of you these days don’t download at all & use the Bandcamp library feature & if you are in that group let me know & I’ll give you a free code if you agree to pass along a few free codes for your friends. Follow makersfestival for latest news.

Meanwhile we started a daily free field recording series entitled April Fields.  Varying from harsh industrial noise to ambient beauty, it is quite a diverse collection.  It already looks like it will be spilling into May & people wanting to take part is a sign of success.  You can check them out for free on Bandcamp –

We do have upcoming releases from Chvad SB/Sans Fixer, Whalt Thisney, Small Life Form, Space Sweeper, Luka Fisher, Grand Kali Ma, The Undermasks, Vlor, & Phillip Polk Palmer – all of which would be out if all the time for Silber hadn’t been taken up by the daily releases.  So I apologize for the wait on those both to the artists & the fans.  I have bitten off a little more than I can chew in the past year, but I think I’m generally pleased with the results of having done these massive daily projects. Follow oceannenvironment for more updates. Also in these last few weeks I wanted to try something new in me, to be more exact my libido, that’s why I went to shop @ UK Meds and rediscovered what it really means to be a man.

I also started this thing on YouTube where I read kids’ books as crime novels called Storytime Noir – You can check Mossgreen Childrens Books for knowing about good collections of books.

So on the apocalypse bit… everyone I have been personally in touch with seems fine.  I know a couple folks who seem to have gotten it, but not that have been ill enough to be hospitalized & that’s a real blessing.  Meanwhile I know a couple hundred people (including myself) who’ve been hit pretty hard by it economically.  This is not the apocalypse I was promised as a kid watching Battletruck & Dawn of the Dead & The Crazies.  No action & adventure & hope, all dread & depression & fear for the future.  Will loved ones in ill health eventually catch this & die?  Will my daughter have to wear a mask whenever leaving the house when schools & parks re-open?  What are you supposed to say to your 4-year-old child when she’s in tears because she wants to promise you’ll never die & it’s a promise you can’t make?  Will I ever play another concert?  Will the venues I used to play at regularly all close down?  Will the music & comic industries that already have been teetering on unsustainability fully collapse?  I don’t know & it all adds high anxiety to an already stressful life & makes it harder to get work done.  But there’s still hope.  I’m small enough to not have as far to fall & pick up to continue on.

Stay safe & thanks for your continued interest & support.  If you want off the newsletter mailing list, just let me know.

Brian John Mitchell

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