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Some of you might know my buddy Ben Vendetta who ran the zine Vendetta for years & wrote for Dagger & The Big Takeover & ran Elephant Stone Records.  He has a book about to come out called Wivenhoe Park.  It’s funny how I seem to have a lot of friends (as well as myself) kind of moving on from rock & roll to books a bit lately.  I wonder if it’s a natural shift of getting closer to 50 than 25.  Anyway, here’s the little trailer for his book:

Back in May there was a noise festival I took part in (vaguely headlining, or maybe just playing last) called Ingrown Fest.  Anyway, here’s some performances from it associated with Silber.

I’ve started printing up some of the comics for when the Kickstarter gets completed.  Pretty excited about it going as well as it is.  Though I always have in my brain that it should be going a bit better than it is.  My personal goal is to get 200 backers & I’m currently at 57.

I did print up Ultimate Lost Kisses #13 drawn by Jason Young.  Still need to add it to be available to order on the website.  I also came up with my 20 questions for doing an interview with him for QRD.  Only 32 other catching up interviews I want to come up with questions for before launching into some more QRD series interviews.

I was going through a bunch of stuff looking for my copy of the super limited If Thousands release IO which will be re-issuing & I found some old recordings that I’m going to need to sort through to see if they should be heard or not.  Including the original The Undermasks recordings, which was my attempt at instrumental no wave in 2001.  Getting to the point where I have a lot more work than time again, but at least it’s mostly work I like doing.

Last Night’s Dreams:
My grandmother is trying to walk, but she can’t remember how to use her walker & is leaning against the wall instead I keep moving the walker in front of her & putting her hands on it, but she keeps letting go & leaning against the wall.

I wake up at my girlfriend’s house & I can’t quite tell if I’m hungover or just haven’t had enough sleep.  We go into the kitchen & she has a pie she’s going to warm for breakfast & she’s going to put the whole thing in the oven & I tell her to only warm two pieces or the rest of it will end up gross.

I’m recording a song on my new little 8-track & it’s just me singing “rise” every 18 seconds with varying field recordings in the gaps in between.

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2 Responses to Books, Music, Comics, & Dreams

  1. hi brian says:

    the concept of youtube ads for books is weird to me.

    • People are making YouTube ads for every thing these days. I see some people making them for individual concerts. I think the thing is that people are lazy & YouTube is an easily digestible & sharable medium.