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This fall/winter (depending on where you live) will be a busy one. We don’t have the definitive release dates yet, but we do have the following releases in our hands that are just waiting for some minor artwork changes before being sent to the plants for manufacturing:

Clang Quartet – The Separation of Church & Hate
Long-time fans may remember this was originally an EP. The whole album was re-recorded & 5 extra tracks were added, making this CQ’s first new album in over 2 years.

If Thousands – Lullaby
If Thousands’ follow-up to 2001′s Candice Recorder. This is one piece of music designed for falling asleep to. If you attended Elegy you know what this is about. An absolute drone fantasy.

Kobi – Projekto
Kobi is a project of Kai from Origami Arktika. When he sent Silber the demos he said it was based on two ideas: (a) collaborative music is equal to more than the individual musicians and (b) the fact that the western music scale is based on twelve notes is absurd. Here, he collaborates with all sorts of all-stars like Lasse Marhug & our good friend Tore Boe.

Aarktica – Pure Tone Audiometry
On the latest release, Aarktica has perfected the balance between “drone” & “song,” still without the use of synthesizers. This time cellos, basses, violins and harmoniums (as well as guitars) create the backdrop for DeRosa’s breathy vocals. Proof that Aarktica is at the forefront of new music. Guest appearances by Andrew Prinz & Lorraine Lelis of Mahogany, Ernie Adzentovich of Plexus, Hadley Kahn of Escapade, and Charles Newman of Flare.

QRD #22 (aka “The Silber Issue”) is now online & features interviews with your favorite Silber artists. QRD #23 is already underway & will include interviews with Chris Olley of Six By Seven as well as Tara & Mike of Lycia.

Zombie Kisses is kicking it this fall. We’re shooting for three issues to be out around Halloween. Zombie Kisses #5 continues Barry & Erika’s search for a new home in Chicago. We started a new spin-off series called Zombie Kisses: Big City Nights that takes place in New York City & is generally a lot darker than the main series has been. More violence & a little less emotional confusion. Then there’s a one-shot called Zombie Kisses: 62 years after death that takes place two generations after the zombies have been around & society isn’t doing that great. I’ve been told it’s the most disturbing ZK thing yet. I guess it probably is. Oh, ZK#1 is back in print.

Zombie Kisses is also going to start taking submissions. If your name is not John O’Brien or Joe Lansdale, we’ll probably write up a bunch of stuff about problems we have with it even if I like it & plan to use it. So I’m looking for stories for Early Nights & Big City Nights & potentially for some ongoing stories. We are also looking for graphic artists to illustrate the covers.

In other ZK news, we are planning on doing a compilation CD for ZK #10 so go ahead and start thinking about it. Send stuff to: ZK / PO Box 18062 / Raleigh, NC 27619 & include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

The Undermasks (Silber’s all-star no-wave band) might be forming to do a one-off show. We’ll give you more info on that as we find out.

The new Vlor record is actually being worked on for the first time in a couple years. The collaborators have been selected & will be sent tracks to work on early next year, which will give us a view of when it could come out next summer.

Small Life Form is having a tougher time everyday on the album. Mainly because SLF wants to show up great bands like If Thousands & Origami Arktika that are getting better everday. It’ll happen though & it’ll drone you out like a bee with honey.

I’ve actually heard a couple of records recently that are really good & I’m obsessing about them a little. One is Neil Young’s Harvest. The other is Six by Seven’s The Way I Feel Today.

Do you like the Silberspy graphic when he’s fat or skinny? Skinny, right? I mean who’d want to see a naked fat alien bird?

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