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Spent a lot of the day today doing some research towards music placement places & getting some packages ready to send to a few select ones.  Fingers crossed for the magic million dollar game changing deal to come to fruition on that.

I got this email today from Brandon at KBOO about the new Azalia Snail:
I thought I should relay this story from this week show to you. I was scheduled to do a interview with Jon Anderson (famously…but not currently…from the band Yes) and he happened to arrive while I was playing your new song “User System”, …”great music” he said as he sat down….and then a minute or two later.. “this is beautiful,… who is it?”

I just found out about this new (to me) guitar device called a Vibesware Guitar Resonator that I kind of want.  Basically it works a bit like a big ebow mounted to a mic stand if I understand it properly.  Of course who actually knows how an ebow really works in the first place?

I saw the first Harry Potter movie the other day (didn’t like it) & I reviewed it over at Finally Checking It Out.

The new season of Breaking Bad comes on Sunday.  It’s my favorite show on television & I’m still not too excited about it.  Which might mean I’m not in an upswing in my life.

I’m going to be writing a few scripts for my favorite webcomic Super Haters & wrote the first entry of my storyline today.  It’s a challenge to figure out a way to get my story to fit into continuity & end as if it more or less never happened (the nature of comic strips to a certain point).  We’ll see how it turns out.

I saw another episode of the new Outer Limits that I liked.

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