Positives & negatives

I’ve been feeling a bit out of it the past few days.  I can’t really point exactly to why.  I got out all the promos & need to start work on the follow-ups.  I got the checks out to the artists for the second quarter.  I still have to make the invoices for the distros for the second quarter.  I did a couple of more serious drawings than I have in a while for Lost Kisses #22 (most notably a Sun Ra one where he looks like a Cosby kid).

Today I had an email conversation with someone putting in their first direct order from me where I got to put them on track for getting some out of print stuff from Trance to the Sun.  It made me feel useful to get to help out a fan.

So I’ve been reading a bunch more music sites than normal (normal meaning almost none to be honest) lately because of searching for places to promote the new releases.  I don’t know if I’m getting too old or or dumb or something, but I can’t hardly read reviews anymore.  Half of them only reference bands I’ve never heard of to describe the music (not even giving me a genre) & a lot of them seem to have this scholarly air that I just can’t deal with.  Music isn’t quantum mechanics & I don’t need a bunch of jargon & complicated words to confuse me out of liking something (because I am old enough not to get confused into liking something anymore).  I don’t know.  I guess if I’d ever really liked music journalism in general, I never would’ve felt a need to start my own take on it with QRD.

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3 Responses to Positives & negatives

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    based on your interviews it seems like you only listen to stuff on your label. i dunno if that’s a marketing ploy or if that’s real but if it’s real then that could take some of the mystery out of you not knowing what other bands they’re referencing.

    similarly Cat Power instead of Toni Halliday. i think that’s who her big ifluence was, or at least that’s what she said i don’t know what cat power sounds like.

  2. The only new music I regularly listen to is on the label, but I do hear stuff other than that. But I see all these reviews of bands mentioning a half dozen bands I’ve never heard of & then they sound like a bad New Order or an early Jesus & Mary Chain knock off.

    What do you think of Beth Gibbons (Portishead) as a comparison?

  3. GoddakkAttack says:

    don’t think it’s that accurate but i guess close enough. But then i haven’t heard their last album so maybe on that one they sound alike. anyways it’s a step in the right direction from Toni so i’d go with it.