A Good Bad Day

So I got a lot done the past couple days.  Scanned in & laid out Lost Kisses #22.  Got the paperwork done for quarterly invoices to my distros & got them sent out.  Practiced for my show coming up in a couple days.  Talked to Nick Marino & my Super Haters scripts will go live in a week & a half.

Then the bad bit of the day was tonight I tried to work on some music & my music computer won’t turn on.  I’m assuming a bad power supply.  The machine is pretty old, built originally in 1998 I think & rebuilt a couple times (though I think the most recent is from 2001 (the soundcard is external & so is the hard drive I use for storage of the music stuff).  So I guess I need to figure out if I can find a free power supply or if I should get a new computer to use for music. Either way a bit of a headache.

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2 Responses to A Good Bad Day

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    if you get a new computer you’ll probably get another 10 years instead of 5 out of it.

  2. I found a power supply for $16 including shipping. So I just went ahead & got it. Now I guess it’s just waiting for it to get here & seeing if it turns my computer on.

    I don’t know if I really could expect ten years out of a new machine. Seems like somewhere around 2005 computers price dropped dramatically & they started to last 2-3 years instead of 10 for most people I know. Then again I have no idea why those people have computers in the first place.