GooglePlus, Silber Salsa, Coming Soon

So I joined GooglePlus today.  I did the math & I’m pretty sure it’s the twentieth social network I’ve joined trying to promote Silber.  So I’m pretty sure I’m right with my decision a year ago to shift away from giving much focus to anything other than the Silber website for online presence.  But go ahead & add me over there if you’d like.

I called PD Wilder (Hotel Hotel) to get some info about making some salsa from scratch.  So I now have a couple jars of Silber Salsa & it’s strange because it ended up sweet & hot.

Spent some time today working on the press releases for some upcoming stuff that may be available sometime this week.  So yeah, I’m trying to make some things happen.

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One Response to GooglePlus, Silber Salsa, Coming Soon

  1. GODDAKKattack says:

    i was thinking you meant salsa music or dancing.