John Carter of Mars

So nothing exciting on my end today.  Just doing some work on promo follow-up.  But I did find out about this trailer for the John Carter movie.  Dejah Thoris isn’t the unquestionable degree of red she should be, but it looks about as good as I could hope for (though I did kinda like the idea of it being done as a Pixar movie that was non-comedic that was thrown around about it a couple of years ago).  If the stars align I may actually one day see the movie….  If you don’t know anything about John Carter, there’s a series of books that started coming out in 1912 (I think there’s seven in total) about a Civil War veteran being transported to Mars & fighting (as well as having sex with) Martians.  Pretty influential to most sci-fi afterwards (I imagine even things like La Jetee & Slaughter House Five owe their ideas of uncontrolled time travel to the way John Carter slips between Earth & Mars) even though the author Edgar Rice Burroughs went on to be famous for writing Tarzan.

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3 Responses to John Carter of Mars

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i haven’t really looked into this but if he’s on mars why is he fighting romans?

  2. Yeah, I know, I think they would look a lot less Roman if they had their skin painted the colors they are supposed to be in the books. But I guess Disney is low on cash. The outfits they are actually supposed to wear would probably look even more homosexual than the Roman ones. Basically leather speedos with belts to hang swords & wallets & such off of. So I think I’m okay with them just going Roman style….

  3. Also I should mention that I like the books enough that I had that band Panthan that is named after the mercenaries in the book.