Plumerai, The Outer Limits, Endless Interview, Brian Eno, Dreams

Just spending most of my time trying to get the last of the promos out for Azalia Snail, Electric Bird Noise, & Remora.  Then I can start working on the next wave of stuff going on at Silber.

On the Silber Group on Facebook I started this “endless interview” thing (inspired by Ian Stewart of AutoREVERSE) & I’m hoping some other Silber artists start taking part on it too.

As a lot of you know, I like Brian Eno.  So here’s a little article from him that Peter Aldrich sent to me from Wired.

Here are a couple acoustic versions of Plumerai songs I thought you might get a kick out of:

I know usually I post old episodes of The Outer Limits (I generally prefer the old ones because I prefer the way I can ignore special effects from something fifty years old where more modern stuff effects seem cheap & crappy), but I saw this recent one about time travel that I liked.

Last Night’s Dreams:
There’s some black gunk covering the bottom of my shower & it’s spreading faster than I can clean it.

My doorbell rings at 7am & it’s an ex-girlfriend from high school.  She tells me she’s left her husband & abandoned her daughters.  I tell her she can stay at the house as long as she wants, but I can’t give her much attention because I need to take care of my grandmother.

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