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So the “computer power supply I ordered” came in.  Why the quotation marks?  Because it wasn’t the one I ordered.  It was a laptop power supply instead of a desktop power supply.  Waiting for a refund to come through while trying to order another one elsewhere at a good price.  So my music computer is still down for probably another week.

I just noticed that one of the pages was taking a long time to load (5-10 seconds longer than most pages) & it was because it still had Google Analytics installed on it.  The moral of the story is pull that shit off your site.

In other Google news, they now have a thing where when you run a Google Ad you can have a feature to get a phone call instead of a weblink to your business.  Of course it’s not really useful to me at Silber, but I think it’s interesting how much it points to how much more people are using phones instead of computers for their internet usage.  Most people I know with smartphones seem to use them for at least half of their internet activity.  Which probably means I do need to eventually make some pages for Silber designed for phones.  Though of course I guess I’d need to get a phone to test it on first.

So the Remora show the other night was a hot mess.  When I practice once for about the same length as a set without having played a show in a month, it shows.  No consistency in quality, though I do think their were some pretty great moments.  I keep running into problems where I’ll get electrocuted by a vocal mic & it throws me off for the whole show.

I just got up for sale the Robert E. Howard comic I did.  I’ll make the digital download at some point.  I just wrote a first draft of a script for a second issue.

I also just got up for sale Lost Kisses #22.  One day I’ll make the digital version.

Speaking of comic stuff, there’s an article & interview about the Silber mini-comics over on Skyscraper.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m living in a hotel room with my grandmother.  There’s some kind of monster that comes late at night to suck some of my grandmother’s life out of her & so I need to give her some of my life everyday so she can make it through.  So tonight I’m going to skip a sleeping period & kill the thing, whatever the fuck it is.

I’m tired of not having seen the world so I get an ultralight (one of the ones that is basically a hang glider with a lawnmower engine on it) & I’m flying it over a frozen river.  There are giant worms (maybe 20 feet in diameter) breaking through the ice & snapping at me.  I’m not scared of them.  In fact I move closer to the ice to get better pictures of them on my little video camera.  I land at a nearby town where all the houses are about 200 square feet & only five feet apart.  There’s a woman on a porch who calls me in & her neighbor is staring at me through his window & continues to stare at me through a window of the house once I walk inside.  The woman makes me some tea & I sit down at an upright piano that has had the front removed.  She pulls out a mini recorder & sets it on top of the piano & we start to record an album.  As we’re working I realize I own entirely too many possessions.

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