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So some of the new releases are getting played on some podcasts like Drug Music & No Pigeonholes EXP.  Check them out if you are into weird music.

I sent my scripts for a two-week story arc over to Nick Marino for Super Haters.  It will probably go live in a couple of weeks.  Of course I’ll let you know when that happens.

There was a Deadpool comic that I was working on with Nick Marino & the plotline was just announced more or less as the next plot in the real Deadpool comics.  Basically a guy with a healing factor facing up against a version of himself formed from bits that were cut off in past battles.  Which I thought was a pretty innovative & original idea, but now someone else is using it.  Not sure if the collab will still happen or not.  We may try to come up with something else.  A little up in the air.

I’ve been talking a bit about doing a metal record (for Remora) & everyone I mention it to seems pretty excited about the idea.  The working album title is Butterfly Corpse.

I got an email today about a potential music placement for Remora.  Fingers crossed on it happening.  It’s one that would be a fairly big deal & totally make me more optimistic about the future of me doing music.  I’ll just have to wait & see what happens.

Just made available for free download is a collaborative album from Bret Hart’s duet series with Scotty Irving (Clang Quartet).  Download it here or just listen to it below:

Northern Valentine appear on this new animal rescue charity compilation if you might be interested in it.

Recent dreams:
Meeting Dave Sim at an Applebee’s (wtf?) & he has brought in some kinda weird alcoholic home brewed stuff with him that’s the only thing he drinks besides water (once again, wtf?).

There’s a new Swans live album where the tracks were decided by people voting online.  There’s a copy at the library, but someone stole the disc out of the case.

I’m walking with Alan Sparhawk in a shanty town under a big highway bridge somewhere (it feels like Asheville, but I suspect it is some other city) & he’s talking about he has a new solo record tentatively titled Three Organs that is just organ drones & that for the artwork he has an original Jackson Pollock sketch that he recently inherited from a relative.

I’m working with my father binding books by hand & rather than using glue to bind the pages together, we’re using cement.

I’m in the hospital in a bed & I can’t move my legs & I’m not sure if it’s because I’m paralyzed or my legs are gone & I tell the nurse to take me to my grandmother & she says that she’s alright & in good hands & I tell her that if she’s in this hospital then she’s in the hands of criminally negligent people who kill people on a daily basis.  I pull the IV out of my arm & throw the pole at the nurse & start pulling myself over the edge of the bed.

In the mail I get a booklet from the IRS about tax paperwork for my divorce.  I didn’t even know I was married.

I’m on tour with KISS as the merch manager (not actually selling anything, just in charge of ordering new stock when things run low) & we’re at some kind of after party at a house & Gordon Ramsay is the cook (I’m not sure if it’s his house).  I’m in the kitchen & Ramsay pours me a glass of something yellow to drink & I spit it out when I taste it.  He pulls out from the fridge a jar that looks like a lizard swimming in pickle juice & says, “That’s what you just drank.”
The next morning I’m walking on a beach with Gene Simmons & Thurston Moore & we’re all talking about how interviewers need to stop asking the same damn questions in every interview.

I’m walking around in a small town late at night with Krysten Ritter (Jane from Breaking Bad).  We walk through a Walmart parking lot way too big for the size of the town & a folded up piece of that yellow legal paper goes by in the wind & we follow it onto a side street & into the small parking lot of a closed coffee shop.

I’m in a salvage store that used to be a warehouse & I’m floating about seven feet off the floor.  There’s a guy who is climbed up onto some of the scaffolding shelving breaking open a wooden crate & I help him.  Inside are two computer motherboards that look like the ones from 1990s towers.  As soon as the crate is opened somebody shoots the guy with a tazer & he falls off of the scaffolding, I float away & people are trying to catch me with a fishing net but I escape it.  The first door I try to use to leave the warehouse is locked, but I get out the second one & start floating away much too high in the sky to feel comfortable.

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