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Google, QRD, & Dreams

So I heard back from Google & they said after consideration they are killing the account instead of just suspending it.  Which I guess is fine.  For the time being I’m replacing their ads with particular Silber ads.  Which until …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i don’t understand the offense with the google thing?

    • It ends up telling people that you make money from people clicking ads & telling them they should do it is against Google’s terms of agreement. Which is dumb to me, but whatever. More shocking is that putting that in the intro to an issue worked at all as far as generating clicks. I wonder if it will end up creating a spike for some of the other ads on the site through LinkShare or if when I get the numbers for the Silber site if some of the ads for older things on Silber will have generated more traffic because of the request as well (e.g. Zombie Kisses).

QRD, Google, Small Life Form, Panthan, Unspeakable Forces, Dreams

So I got an email from Google today saying my Adsense account is suspended for suspicious activities.  To be honest I feel like it has had suspicious activities as well because it went from earning about $5 a month to …

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  1. Godsmakk says:

    ever consider combining all the blogs into one like how the print version of qrd had different sections it interview/review/wtf ever?

    • Well, the reason I made the N=D & FCIO blogs separate was because my intention was (& still is) not to have me as the main contributor. I mean, it worked for the first couple of months as far as me not making half the content & I’d love things to change around so that it was like that again. I don’t know, it gets weird in that the Silber Blog really is only for the hardcore Silber fans & the other blogs are for fans of general pop culture or whatever. I don’t know. For a while I thought about putting the dreams in a separate blog or the comics, but I’m keeping those in for sure, just because it’s more trouble. The hope with the other blogs is that eventually they’ll drive traffic to Silber or make ad revenue when people read a review of a Bangles record.

Google+, Facebook, Remora, Redwoods

So I made a Silber page over on Google+ for those of you on that network.  Not sure how often it will be updated.  Is G+ an officially dead system already?  Interestingly, in what I assume is a move to …

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  1. letsDrone says:

    Hey Brian, what’s the name of the Italian band? (just in case you can disclose it)

  2. letsDRONE says:

    Ah thank you, I’ll check them out. Will you open for them in Italy? It was not clear from your post – just in case, please come to Sicily! ;)

  3. Lullabier says:

    If you’ll plan an EU tour, I could give you couple of contacts for Italian gigs

    • Well, the thing is I don’t want to need to deal with figuring out transportation or routing or trying to track down equipment to borrow or what place has vegetarian food or any of that. I just want to show up & play for thirty days & go home with the amount of money I spent on the plane ticket….

  4. Lullabier says:

    Well, I’d like to do the same soon or later in the US…except that it would be fine for me a place which has a simple cheeseburger…

Jon DeRosa, The Alcohol EPs, Google, Twitter, Snoop Dog

There’s a pretty good interview with Jon DeRosa on Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

I just put up the feature release for free streaming for this month.  The Alcohol EPs from Remora, Rivulets, & Pale Horse and Rider from 2002.  I’ll …

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  1. goddakkATTACK says:

    are you really shocked that “wet teens” is the term that sends most people to this site?

  2. I’m surprised that Silber’s Wet Teens shows up high enough in search results for it to drive traffic. I actually cancelled the Google Adwords for them because it was getting a lot of traffic that didn’t generate sales (despite the keywords all being things about the music). Like 2000 clicks (at a penny per click) not generating one $5 purchase.