Google, QRD, & Dreams

So I heard back from Google & they said after consideration they are killing the account instead of just suspending it.  Which I guess is fine.  For the time being I’m replacing their ads with particular Silber ads.  Which until recently when they went to somehow making more money than I charge for an ad, I didn’t really want them there anyway.  I mean, it was definitely worth $50 a month (the current rate), but not worth $20 a year (the classic rate).

I got a late interview in for the current QRD from J.M. Hunter.

Doing a bunch of work on the promo end trying to get the word out on the new releases.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on tour with my friend Don & we stop at a thrift store to kill some time looking at records & whatever.  I find a copy of The Book of Lists IV & accidentally walk out of the store still carrying it without paying for it.  I realize it’s still in my hand when we’re going into a restaurant.  I go back to the store to pay for it, but the store closed.

I’m working on a painting for a project for some art competition.  It’s all about color & texture.  I start trying to figure out what Journey album has “Separate Ways” on it, but I have no idea.

I’m at a show & there’s a dude wearing glasses with glow in the dark frames.  I’m not sure if they’re horrible or brilliant.

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2 Responses to Google, QRD, & Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i don’t understand the offense with the google thing?

    • It ends up telling people that you make money from people clicking ads & telling them they should do it is against Google’s terms of agreement. Which is dumb to me, but whatever. More shocking is that putting that in the intro to an issue worked at all as far as generating clicks. I wonder if it will end up creating a spike for some of the other ads on the site through LinkShare or if when I get the numbers for the Silber site if some of the ads for older things on Silber will have generated more traffic because of the request as well (e.g. Zombie Kisses).