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So I got an email from Google today saying my Adsense account is suspended for suspicious activities.  To be honest I feel like it has had suspicious activities as well because it went from earning about $5 a month to $30 last month to $60 this month.  I guess it’s maybe from writing the intro to QRD explaining that clicking on ads is what helped it make money.  So I placed in an appeal.  We’ll see what happens.  Kinda sucks since I’d crossed their $100 payment threshold.  I was super excited by the idea that QRD was starting to make some money, I guess I should’ve known something was up.  So I guess I’m going to be adding Project Wonderful to the site sooner than later.  I do feel less incentive to push N=D & FCIO if they aren’t making a few pennies….

The new Small Life Form album Voice in the Sky is up.  Free to listen on the stream or you can download it for just a buck.

Also up is a new/old EP from Panthan.  It’s new because it’s never been heard before.  It’s old because it’s from 2008.  The reason it wasn’t released before is just that I’m lazy.  Back in 2008 me & Nic Slaton (slicnaton) were doing some recordings to shop for film placements & the money never panned out on that so these recordings have just been sitting around on a hard drive for four years.  Seemed like as good of a time as any to put it out.  It’s free.

& also up is an EP from my doomgazing project Unspeakable Forces (formerly Butterfly Corpse).  It’s free.

So for doing these Bottle Comics for the beat up bottles I wanted to get a bottle brush so they aren’t totally dirty on the inside.  At the grocery store they were three dollars & looked like they weren’t long enough to reach the bottom of a bottle.  But I found one that seemed good at the dollar store for just a buck.  So now I feel like a winner.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m talking to an in-law of an in-law that’s a descendent of Edgar Rice Burroughs & on the board of his estate.  I ask him if in his opinion A Princess of Mars is in the public domain or if it ever will be & he says no & goes into a long boring story.

I’m in high school & they’re having an assembly.  It’s some kind of dance squad/acrobatic/cheerleading thing & I leave & go to the library to drop off two books – a 1950s Merck Manual & the book How to Make War.

I go to work at the warehouse doing shipping receiving.  The co-worker who trained me I know is involved in doing some semi-illegal activity using the warehouse job as a front, but he’s a good guy so I’m not too worried about it.  I’m early going in & see what he’s dealing with on the side & it’s not drugs.  It’s body parts.  They’re freezing & killing people & cutting them up right there.  Just standing their seeing it, feels like they’re doing it to me & pulling my heart out of my chest.

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2 Responses to QRD, Google, Small Life Form, Panthan, Unspeakable Forces, Dreams

  1. Godsmakk says:

    ever consider combining all the blogs into one like how the print version of qrd had different sections it interview/review/wtf ever?

    • Well, the reason I made the N=D & FCIO blogs separate was because my intention was (& still is) not to have me as the main contributor. I mean, it worked for the first couple of months as far as me not making half the content & I’d love things to change around so that it was like that again. I don’t know, it gets weird in that the Silber Blog really is only for the hardcore Silber fans & the other blogs are for fans of general pop culture or whatever. I don’t know. For a while I thought about putting the dreams in a separate blog or the comics, but I’m keeping those in for sure, just because it’s more trouble. The hope with the other blogs is that eventually they’ll drive traffic to Silber or make ad revenue when people read a review of a Bangles record.