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So I made a Silber page over on Google+ for those of you on that network.  Not sure how often it will be updated.  Is G+ an officially dead system already?  Interestingly, in what I assume is a move to push Google+, YouTube disabled their friends feature this week.  Of course I don’t know how many people were using that anyway so it probably doesn’t make too big of a difference.

On Facebook I decided to go through & add as friends the folks who I have a couple dozen friends with.  I asked to add maybe 100 folks in the category & then Facebook accused me of spamming or whatever.  I don’t know, I’m kind of pissed off at Facebook right now, because they won’t let me do anything useful on the Silber page because all I want it to do is import the blog RSS (now a blocked feature) & the Twitter feed (only lets me connect to my personal account?).  At least I never liked them to begin with.  Anyway, I did end up friending a band from Italy that I will probably open for in a couple of months, so that’s positive.  Also I got an email from Facebook today accusing me of posting “illegal or inappropriate content” which I guess was about today I went to deposit some cash at the ATM & It gave me one of my bills that looks brand new back as unrecognizable, which I assume means it’s counterfeit & a friend of mine did a deposit a while back at the counter & had a counterfeit bill & they took it from  him & destroyed it so he was out the money.  So I posted a story about getting the bill back to spend somewhere.  Which to me is kinda funny.  Whatever, I should spend less time on that site than I do anyway.

The Remora practice today went okay.  Pretty confident of the set with the exception of I hear the club is about to close & no longer has a PA & I sing so my vocals will be in the same amp I use for bass & violin.

I wrote the first draft of the Redwoods script today.  Might get it typed up & out to Jason Young tomorrow.

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8 Responses to Google+, Facebook, Remora, Redwoods

  1. letsDrone says:

    Hey Brian, what’s the name of the Italian band? (just in case you can disclose it)

  2. letsDRONE says:

    Ah thank you, I’ll check them out. Will you open for them in Italy? It was not clear from your post – just in case, please come to Sicily! ;)

  3. Lullabier says:

    If you’ll plan an EU tour, I could give you couple of contacts for Italian gigs

    • Well, the thing is I don’t want to need to deal with figuring out transportation or routing or trying to track down equipment to borrow or what place has vegetarian food or any of that. I just want to show up & play for thirty days & go home with the amount of money I spent on the plane ticket….

  4. Lullabier says:

    Well, I’d like to do the same soon or later in the US…except that it would be fine for me a place which has a simple cheeseburger…