Jon DeRosa, The Alcohol EPs, Google, Twitter, Snoop Dog

There’s a pretty good interview with Jon DeRosa on Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

I just put up the feature release for free streaming for this month.  The Alcohol EPs from Remora, Rivulets, & Pale Horse and Rider from 2002.  I’ll be honest, I hadn’t listened to it in a long time & the Remora stuff on it is really rough in a bad way & unfortunately indicative of that period of my life.  The songwriting is fine, but the recorded performances are pretty awful.  But the Rivulets & Pale Horse and Rider stuff is hopefully worth your time.

Looking over my web stats for this past month.  I’m still confused how “Wet Teens” ends up the Google search with the most clicks to the Silber site.  Because how far down would you need to go on that search to find it?  I just checked & didn’t have it come up in my top 100 results.

I went through on my Twitter & followed all my followers as I am told that is the polite thing to do.  I suppose I should at some point organize my list so that the message stream had some sort of sense to it, but I kinda like it not making sense & juxtaposing unrelated things.

I saw the episode of Monk with Snoop Dog in it the other day, here he is singing the theme song.

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4 Responses to Jon DeRosa, The Alcohol EPs, Google, Twitter, Snoop Dog

  1. goddakkATTACK says:

    are you really shocked that “wet teens” is the term that sends most people to this site?

  2. I’m surprised that Silber’s Wet Teens shows up high enough in search results for it to drive traffic. I actually cancelled the Google Adwords for them because it was getting a lot of traffic that didn’t generate sales (despite the keywords all being things about the music). Like 2000 clicks (at a penny per click) not generating one $5 purchase.