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Azalia Snail, Remora, Lost Kisses, Videos

Azalia Snail has a new project called LoveyDove.  I believe this is their first track & definitely their first video.

I did this little vocal thing.  I wasn’t going to bother to post it in the blog, but it …

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The Pointless Forest, Remora, Wheelchairs, Live from Silber HQ

So I’d like to issue a special “screw you” to Xtranormal who say they have reinstated a free video making thing via YouTube but gets an error message every time I try to finalize a video I wasted an hour …

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  1. Nick says:

    SLF’s One is an amazing album. Just remembered I have not listened to that record for years though…

    • Thanks. I really need to do the follow-up record of studio recordings for SLF. I suppose my 4.5 hour drone piece probably should come under that name whenever it’s finally finished. I think it has about 20 layers now which means 90 hours in actual recording time! The critical listening phase is going to be a bitch!

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    memba draggin the lav cart? nothing like listening to turds sloshing around with every step


I got in a mix from Brian McKenzie for Remora’s “Protector of Builder of Airplanes” that I’m pretty pleased with.  I need to stop fooling around & finalize things & release that record.

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about …

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4 Responses to Recording.

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    remember when you played in that band burMONTER. that was a pretty shitty band situation…especially in regards to rehearsing. When i watch footage from the last couple of shows (King’s electrofest eventhough we weren’t an electroband for example) I’m surprised that we were like yeah this is cool.

  2. I’m scared to listen to burMonter because I know I’ll lose the fond memories. Though I did see the live video for “Carousel” five years ago & I thought my guitar racket was still up to snuff….

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      that siouxsie song was one of the best things we’ve done….maybe even better than the siouxsie version!

      from a catalog of like 30 songs we probably should have just kept 7 of them.

      • 1 in 4 songs being keepers isn’t a bad ratio. I think a lot of bands 1 in 10 is a keeper. Even more bands 0 in 10 are keepers. I do think at least the two of us are better at not bothering to release the bad songs than we were 15 years ago….

Working on Music

Worked a bit on some keyboard parts for The Pointless Forest.  Looks like I’m going to be going with the SK-1 through the Nanoverb as it sounds good & is fairly compact.

On the Poit comic I ended up writing …

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Painting, QRD, Band Practice

Made all the little blurbs  for my paintings & went to the gallery spot to set them up.  I must say you should also check Gallery-k for many of awesome painting. I would suggest you to visit Mcgannbrothers for painting …

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Updates & Dreams

Today’s big event was playing drums for Pointless Forest.  Practice space today, show on Monday.  My first time playing drums on a stage.

Did some work on the layout for the first issue of my new comic Built.

My grandmother …

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