Updates & Dreams

Today’s big event was playing drums for Pointless Forest.  Practice space today, show on Monday.  My first time playing drums on a stage.

Did some work on the layout for the first issue of my new comic Built.

My grandmother stopped bleeding today.

I got in my big distro check.

Got a bunch of orders out this morning.  It was like it was 2005.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Riding in a car with Chris Olley (Six by Seven) driving.  We’re in England somewhere.  We’re talking about music & I’m surprised how little we have in common.

Low has a new video/single.  It starts off with a two & a half minute long drone & the video shows Alan floating/laying on the surface of Lake Superior from around a dozen angles (including some from underneath (within the lake)).  Then it has 60 seconds of silence except for what I think is the running noise of the underwater cameras as it shows all of the same angles, but this time without Alan in the shots.  Then the drone kicks back in with a beat resembling a heartbeat.  The video shows Alan as a marionette being yanked back out of the lake.  Then he begins singing:
“They say nobody knows
& no one comes back
But my name is Billy
& I have returned

Things aren’t equally right
But everything’s equally wrong
My name is Billy
This is my song”
I call Alan & tell him the song is cool, but I’m not sure of it as a choice for a single because it has a segment that is sixty seconds of silence.  I tell him I think his single should be a song that is just him & Mimi singing & nothing else because when the two of them are singing together, what’s special about Low really shines.  Alan responds, “I can hear the gears in my head starting to turn.”

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