I got in a mix from Brian McKenzie for Remora’s “Protector of Builder of Airplanes” that I’m pretty pleased with.  I need to stop fooling around & finalize things & release that record.

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about how I don’t play live or practice anymore & so I should start to spend more time recording in ways that don’t relate to the live show.  So I could record parts that I know I couldn’t recreate at all.  Do guitar parts that are only possible for me to play if I use a computer to edit them together.  I don’t know.  I flip-flop between taking advantage of computer’s capabilities for working on music & just doing stuff with an acoustic guitar.  I think the reality is I need to do both of these simultaneously.  So we’ll see if I can get myself back into the swing of recording on a regular basis.  Back in 1995 when I first got my four-track I probably recorded a couple hours a day & it’s been downhill for my creative output in quantity (though hopefully not quality) ever since.

Had a band practice with The Pointless Forest tonight.  I think things are starting to gel together a bit more.  Sometimes I have problems with getting volumes right as I’m so used to being the only one playing & not needing to worry about being too quiet or too loud.  The practices have been recorded lately, so maybe folks will hear them one day.  Whenever I tell people I’m headed to band practice they laugh about it.  It doesn’t seem like me being in a band should be that crazy, though I guess it has been about ten years….

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4 Responses to Recording.

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    remember when you played in that band burMONTER. that was a pretty shitty band situation…especially in regards to rehearsing. When i watch footage from the last couple of shows (King’s electrofest eventhough we weren’t an electroband for example) I’m surprised that we were like yeah this is cool.

  2. I’m scared to listen to burMonter because I know I’ll lose the fond memories. Though I did see the live video for “Carousel” five years ago & I thought my guitar racket was still up to snuff….

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      that siouxsie song was one of the best things we’ve done….maybe even better than the siouxsie version!

      from a catalog of like 30 songs we probably should have just kept 7 of them.

      • 1 in 4 songs being keepers isn’t a bad ratio. I think a lot of bands 1 in 10 is a keeper. Even more bands 0 in 10 are keepers. I do think at least the two of us are better at not bothering to release the bad songs than we were 15 years ago….