Working on Music

Worked a bit on some keyboard parts for The Pointless Forest.  Looks like I’m going to be going with the SK-1 through the Nanoverb as it sounds good & is fairly compact.

On the Poit comic I ended up writing a second story for the pictures.  So same images, two stories.  Sent them both off to Dave Sim for his input.  I don’t know if I’ll opt for one over the other or release them both or what.  It does make me think about trying to do more with the 100 ways to tell a story idea.  Trying to figure out exactly how to do a project like that in a way that people will actually both participate in & be entertained by.  Because of course I have the 100 ways to tell a story comic & it does get a little boring.

Did some work on re-recording of Remora’s  “Protector of Builder of Airplanes” & sent it down to Brian McKenzie to check out since he’s acting as producer on the record.  Added a bunch of keyboard stuff & re-tracked the vocals.  I wrote some robot drum bits for it, that I originally foresaw as sounding like jazz drum brushes on a snare; that probably don’t need to be used.

I wrote a new Muscle Mass (my dance music project, if you can call anything I do dance music) song.  I guess I should record it before I lose it.  I might even try to write some lyrics for it & see if anyone wants to hear it.

Through the holidays Plumerai is selling every song they’ve released for $5 as a digital download.  From 2005-2010, 29 songs including one brand new unreleased track.

Thorn1 has a brand new track you can listen to called “Wake up, Princess, that night the snow fell.”

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